My Tarot & Oracle Deck Collection (updated 2019)!

Here’s something that probably won’t surprise you…..I have a lot of Tarot and oracle decks. I used to be hopelessly addicted to buying decks, which led me to amass quite a collection, but then about three years ago I reached my limit and the cravings stopped. It felt like I’d been gorging myself on a Tarot deck buffet and now I was finally sated.

Now I will only buy a deck if I absolutely LOVE it and desperately WANT it, which only happens once in a while (Everyday Witch Tarot, Spirit Keepers Tarot, Mystical Cat’s Tarot and the Cook’s Tarot are all good examples).

However, my collection keeps growing! I am very fortunate to have deck creators gift me their decks in exchange for a review and so even though I’m no longer a Tarot deck shopaholic, I’m still adding to my collection all the time. So I thought I’d share some of the decks I’ve acquired since my last deck collection video!

Decks shown (in order):
Everyday Witch Tarot
Wildwood Tarot
Mystical Cats Tarot
Pastel Tarot
Cook’s Tarot
Dark Mansion Tarot
Spirit Keepers Tarot
The Light Visions Tarot
The Prisma Visions Tarot
Intuitive Tarot
Hip Chick Tarot
Heart & Hands Tarot
Circle of Life Tarot
The Luminous Void Tarot
The Simple Tarot
Mystic Meg Tarot

Keep in mind this isn’t my entire collection – that would be one long, never ending video! These are just my recently acquired decks.

And here are my newest oracle decks…

Decks shown (in order):
Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley
Animal Allies Oracle cards by Jessica Swift
Conscious Spirit Oracle by Kim Dreyer
Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck by Rosie Aronson
Spirit Cats by Nicole Piar
Duality Deck by Tanya Bond
The Power Deck by Lynn V Andrews

For all my other deck collection videos, here’s a comprehensive list.

I want to hear from YOU!

What Tarot and Oracle card decks are in your collection? Let me know in the comments below…

17 thoughts on “My Tarot & Oracle Deck Collection (updated 2019)!”

  1. One of the things that I noticed about the majority of the cards that you showed in this video (with the exception of the Mystical Cats Tarot and the Every Day Witch Tarot) is that they are very modern. The artwork especially in the Cook’s Tarot has a modern expressionistic feel. I think that one can see that you are very open to new interpretations of Tarot. Personally, I am more of a traditionalist, but I do like the Heart and Hands Tarot. Thanks for a peek into your collection. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Kate,

    I also use the Everyday Witch Tarot and Dark Mansion Tarot these are my go to decks. I have been through hundreds of decks and these two shine for me. Thank you for your reviews i really enjoyed it.
    My favourite Oracle deck is The Secret Language Of Light by Denise Jarvie.
    I love the fun loving energy that you give, its so energising and uplifting 🙂
    Lots of Love

  3. Claudia Watson

    Sorry – I emailed you before I saw the comments here. Oops – I bad. I love the Mystical Cats and the Everyday Witch Tarot. They read so well; I particularly love the colors on the Mystical Cats Tarot. I also love the Victorian Fairy Tarot and was so sad it went out of print. As did the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert, but someone had the wisdom to pick that one up and reprint it. Oh, and the Santa Muerte Tarot is so well thought out and is beautifully printed. I love Ciro Marchetti’s decks, too, although sometimes his imagery seems a little cold to me so they aren’t my favorite reading decks. I do like his Oracle of Visions though. And I love the Celtic Tarot by Hughes and Down. It’s another one with the most incredible color schemes. I’m in awe when I think that to produce a deck the artist must do 78 illustrations. Some decks I like to read with; others I purchase mainly to enjoy the art work.

  4. I immediately had to order the Everyday Witch Tarot. Wonderful! I loved seeing all the decks you showcased. Thanks so much – I appreciate the labor of love you put in to sharing tarot with us.

  5. What a gorgeous collection and thank you for sharing them! Your review of the Dark Mansion deck put me in spell so they’re on my wish list, and I’m sure the Mystical Cats is now there too. The Spirit Keepers…wow. Powerful woodcut-esque illustrations – definately a deck I’ll dream about as my first non Rider-Waite deck. Simple gorgeous and did I already say powerful?

    What a thrill to see all these. Thank you!! I’m sparse at the moment with only 2 decks, the Rider-Waite and Morgan-Greer but love them both.

  6. Mystical Cats Tarot definitely is my favorite from this collection. Who isn’t a cat lover here hehe. I don’t have a cat deck but this one goes into my wishlist for sure. Thank you for the reviews.

  7. I appreciate your reviews! Of this collection, I really like the Every Day Witch Tarot deck. I will have to pursue that one. I currently have the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginski Barbessi, which I really am liking alot. I am new to tarot and really enjoying it. I love your web site and glad I found you!

  8. I so appreciate your reviews. LOVE the Everyday Witch and Mystical Cat, which are now on my list. (The never ending list!). My only problem is that occasionally i cant catch the names of the decks.

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