Tarot Reading for March 4 – 10

My two cats “assisted” in this reading 😉 I’m using one of my most vibrant Tarot decks – the Cook’s Tarot by Judith Mackay Stirt.

Have a great week!

18 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for March 4 – 10”

  1. There is clearly female dominance in the reading Kate.tinged by male presence.Since the suit of swords represents the element of air,this indicates to me of the things to be mindful about on a daily basis,whether masculine or feminine.

  2. Kate! After telling you how much I love this deck, I passed it on (hate the finish on the Schiffer stock so much). However, seeing your beautiful reading, I went ahead and just repurchased it. (Hello, Henry.)

      1. It’s actually better than I remember! Maybe different production series? Or b/c I just got a deck I LOVE with a finish I hate. Sigh.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for this lovely reading. What a beautiful Tarot deck! I especially liked the King of Swords, and although the energy feels positive, it is still a very odd and enchanting image. The King of Swords in a sushi bar, is it? Thumbs up? The sushi chef in the background looking as though he’s thinking of doing something with his knife? Hmmm, something about the exquisite precision of a well-made California roll being akin to a brilliant idea, maybe. I need to puzzle this out 🙂

  4. Sandyi Offermann

    Henry your so silly ? look
    I agree the beginning of the week to self
    Nurture , I also think to be more in the right brain . Then when the end of week will be handled with clear
    Thoughts and most likely some left brain activity .
    Kate I love your patience with Henry I think he was supposed to be part of this reading today . Hugs ?

    1. Thank you Sandyi for sharing your take on these cards 🙂 Yes, I think Henry was meant to be part of the reading – this reading seemed to get way more comments and attention than any other reading I’ve done!

  5. Hi Kate,
    I love this reading – the deck, the cards and your cats! Such great energy and guidance this week.

    Thank you for sharing your weekly readings – I always look forward to them.

  6. I love your reads! Simple easy to follow. I love how you keep it real! Miss my kitty everyday, seeing yours is awesome!

  7. I have cats and plants. A couple of my plants got very sick because a cat was using it for a litter box. My remedy for keeping cats out of my plants is to lay pieces of barbed wire on top of the soil in the plant pots. It may sound cruel but it works… I also do this in my outdoor gardens to keep dogs and cats out of them…They will only step on it once!!!

    1. I have put chicken wire all over the top of the plant pot, but Henry just pulls the chicken wire off and digs anyway! I then put sticky tape over the top and that worked, except it looks really stupid. For another plant I put heavy rocks all on the top but I’m worried it might compress the roots too much.

  8. Jean Corrente

    I love Henry!
    I feel in tune to this reading. If we can just try to go with flow more and not give up on our goals by the end of the week things could finally make them clearer and closer making us more confident in accomplishing them.

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