Unboxing the Magick and Mediums Oracle

The Magick and Mediums Oracle by Anielle Reid is modern, mystical and powerful! Join me as I go through this deck and explore the cards…

This deck is ideal for meditation and using in any kind of magickal practice. Personally, I love sitting with just one of these cards and contemplating it in a relaxed and lazy manner – I had so many cool ideas and insights when I did this! Even got a few creative writing ideas!

So far I’ve only used this deck a handful of times, but each time I did it was a special experience, like I was dabbling in a new dimension or something. Ah, good times 🙂

To order this deck: https://magickandmediums.com/oracle-decks

1 thought on “Unboxing the Magick and Mediums Oracle”

  1. Hi, Kate.
    This oracle deck has a very nice gray scale palette with color used as an accent to break up all that grey and black. I especially liked the Moon Magick card. If you do decide to do a weekly reading with the deck maybe you can include an exercise that the guide book recommends.

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