Oracle Card Reading for Aug 26 – Sept 1

For this weeks reading I decided to use an oracle deck that I’ve grown quite fond of lately….The Oracle of the Essences by Monica “The Enchantress”.

Have a beautiful week!

7 thoughts on “Oracle Card Reading for Aug 26 – Sept 1”

  1. Sandyi Offermann

    I think there is a place for Tarot and Oracle . I for one use both of them in my practice .
    Thanks Kate , another reading well done . ♥️

  2. Hi Kate, I always look forward to these Sunday morning weekly readings But I hate when you use the oracle decks…I would much rather see you use the Tarot. I like seeing and hearing you interpretations of the Tarot cards..

    1. Angela J Elliott

      I agree with Debbie. I prefer Tarot readings and hearing your interpretations of them. Love the cats though! I thought the meowing was from my Matthew – he walks around talking to himself a lot too!

      1. Hi, Kate!
        And there was I, thinking I was the only one who doesn’t find Oracle cards at all helpful!
        Sorry but I find them just so full of the same New-Age, wishy-washy, drippy-hippy stuff that conned poor old you into wasting your efforts with that juice-drink scam, in a previous post!
        The original Oracle was all about being enigmatic and forcing you to go within to puzzle her responses out, for yourself.
        Sadly, decks like this, though artistically brilliant, for me are not a patch on the classic Tarot decks for acquiring the valuable support of some (nearly always accurate) general foreknowledge of which direction our lives are going.
        That said, Oracle cards fans are perfectly OK and should be free to have the chance to indulge their passion for them, – it’s just that they are so very different to the Tarot that I feel it is wrong to suggest they are interchangeable and so, include them in the same website.
        I think you alluded to this in your reading as above, this week.
        Would it be good and keep everyone happy, if you could consider posting each week, a reading doing Tarot for the week, as well as a separate one for those who prefer Oracle cards?
        Would be interested to hear your take on this suggestion, – hope it’s helpful and constructive, anyhow.
        As said by Angela, – the star-appearances by Merlina and Henry in this latest video, were hugely enjoyable, too!
        Thanks for everything you do to popularise Tarot, all the same!
        Zoe T.

        1. Hi Zoe!
          First of all, I’m so glad you enjoy it when my cats pop in to say hello during my readings 🙂
          I don’t agree with you on the Tarot vs Oracle thing – I find oracle cards can be just as helpful and insightful as Tarot, they are just a little different. Yes, many of them do seem to be very fluffy and new agey, but certainly not all. I actually really love the oracle deck that I used in this reading video and I don’t find it to be fluffy at all. But to each their own! I think it’s great that you love Tarot so much 🙂
          As for your suggestion on doing two readings (one with Tarot, one with oracle cards) to keep everyone happy – I’m not into it! Only because this is 2x the work for me. Making one video per week actually takes a bit of time – there’s a few technical, behind the scenes things I have to do before uploading and all of it takes time. I actually really like to mix it up and do Tarot some weeks and oracle cards other weeks. For me, variety is the spice of life!


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