Tarot Reading for Sept 16 – 22

Fall is in the air and this deck always gives me Halloweeny vibes 🙂 I am using the Dark Mansion Tarot for this weeks reading….


Aaaand….I did a livestream on my youtube channel this week – I share my #1 secret for doing amazing Tarot readings and then I do a bunch of one card readings. I had so much fun with this and want to thank everyone who was there live 🙂 If you missed it, here it is!…


2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Sept 16 – 22”

  1. Hi Kate! Thanks for this reading. This deck is so striking, it’s such a pleasure to look at. I love the Devil in this deck! First of all, she’s female. Secondly, she’s holding a glass of wine, and with that red dress, reminds me of Cersei 🙂 (not sure if you’re a fan of GoT). The little skeletons are funny, too, especially the one sitting at her feet, propping his skull on his arm, looking as though he’s thinking “well, whaddya gonna do?” I also noticed the window in the left upper corner. It reminds me of the 3 Pentacles in the Rider Waite Smith deck, which is interesting, although I don’t think those are pentacles? Anyway, I think the 3 Pentacles has a message of working with others and teamwork. The Devil imagery is a triad, so trying to link these 2 things. Hmmm….maybe teamwork is the energy needed to counter the blah energy of believing you’re helpless when you really aren’t. Lots to ponder!

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