Unboxing the Green Glyphs Lenormand

I’ve been really into Tarot and Oracle cards for the past 10 years but somehow managed to avoid learning anything about Lenormand cards until now. I know, it’s crazy!

Lenormand is very different from Tarot – yes, it’s still cards with pictures of stuff on them and you read them, but it’s done very differently. I think I avoided it because my brain just couldn’t handle learning another new divination system. But now I’m ready and raring to go!

I decided to start my Lenormand journey with the Green Glyphs Lenormand by James R. Eads (the creator of the Prisma Visions Tarot)…

To buy this deck: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jamesreads/green-glyphs-lenormand

I feel like this is a great deck for those new to Lenormand (like myself!) but also for those who just want a new, gorgeous, high quality Lenormand deck.

The card stock is orgasmic – velvety, matte finish with rose gold edges that don’t flake off sparkly shit on your fingers. The box is really cute and sturdy with a magnetic closure, making opening and closing this box feel oddly enticing. Also, the guidebook is awesome – lots of great basic info on how to use these cards.

I want to know…

Do you read Lenormand? Do you like it more or less than Tarot? And why? Please feel free to share in the comments below 🙂

6 thoughts on “Unboxing the Green Glyphs Lenormand”

  1. Angela Michelle

    You’ll love Lenormand. It’s like the naughty little sister of the Tarot. It’s a miniaturized, no bullshit divination system – what you see is what you get, there’s not really room for interpretation. I’m still learning myself but I go in spurts with my cards, fall is my favorite season to start reading again!

    Would love to see a video once you’ve mastered them!

  2. Sandyi Offermann

    I read tarot oracle and lenormand
    It is definitely different because you don’t use the lenormand like tarot or oracle with Intuition.
    I was told some time ago that if you read lenormand like tarot then your not reading them the way the were meant to be used .
    I do find the lenormand deck to be very useful ,
    Clients I have used them with love them .
    They have been added to my table .
    When I read for people I choose a deck that matches their energy . Lenormand deck seems to pull toward a more yang energy for me and with my clients .♥️

  3. I have also just discovered Lenormand cards. I have done a few readings for myself.
    You interpret them very literally. And as I read Tarot cards intuitively I find reading cards literally is difficult! I keep wandering off into intuitive interpretations.
    I look forward to a few insights from you Kate, when you have become familiar with them. Meanwhile I’ve returned to my favorite Tarot deck.

    1. thanks for sharing your experience, Angela! I think it will feel weird to interpret cards in a literal way after doing the exact opposite for so long, but maybe it will feel simple and refreshing – I’ll keep you posted!

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