Tarot Card Reading for Dec 16 – 22

Christmas decorations, bad cats and the Dark Mansion Tarot all join me for a festive Tarot reading forecast…

Have a good week 🙂

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1 Response to Tarot Card Reading for Dec 16 – 22

  1. Kiyasu Oka says:

    Oh my goodness, Kate!! Somewhere around the 9 minute mark where you started to sum up the overall meaning, I started to be “Like, OH…! Wow!!” over this week’s reading!! Have you noticed that the two “positive” cards look very similar in colors while the Seven of Wands is very “red” and “dark”? It seems to say that once you courageously stand up for yourself in the “dark read days,” the “green happy days” is at least twice more than that. And like you said, the “heart” of the week, the “middle,” is Ten of Cups, and therefore the “heart” of your ENTIRE week should be focused on that. Like, Ten of Cups is the “middle” that holds the “start” (the “darker” efforts) and the “end” (the lavishly grounded queen of abudance) together. Without the “middle” or the “heart” — the Ten of Cups — there will be a “gap” between the “beginning” and the “end.” And the “heart” of the cards is what holds these two strong, and STAYS with the “end card” (all very similar in color as well).

    Also saying that standing for yourself and being courageous is a “one-time thing” and the rewards will be a-thousand fold! The rewards are at least tons more times more powerful than the initial “darker” efforts!

    Also, so cute that your cat meows at the beginning of the video XD And loved the camera moment with the other cat in the end!!!

    Now you are making me look forward to Christmas even more!!! (And yes, I actually watch your videos XD)


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