Try My Christmas Tarot Spread!

Full disclosure: this is the same Christmas Tarot spread I created last year. I know, I know! But I’ve got a major case of the lazies right now.

Lately all I’ve wanted to do is lie around and read and meditate and have hot baths. I like to think of it as the lead up to a phase of unparalleled creativity and productive focus, but we’ll see 😉

So my intention was to create a new Christmas Tarot spread this year, in the shape of a wreath. But I actually really like the one I did last year and so I’m sticking with that!

So I invite you to light some candles, take a few deep breaths, shuffle your cards and try my old Christmasy Tarot Spread!

If you’d like to download and print this spread, here’s the PDF version!

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3 Responses to Try My Christmas Tarot Spread!

  1. Felipe says:

    Hi Kate! First of all, I love your articles and videos! I’m just starting with tarot and I’ve already learned so much from you. I tried this spread today and even though my experience is really small, I felt that it all made so much sense! Here are the cards I got: (deck used – a classic Rider-Waite)

    1. How can I be of service to others?
    Strength: using my soft, subtle inner strength to help others with their problems and issues, which is something very characteristic of my own personality.

    2. What gift will I give myself?
    Eight of Wands: the ability of accepting quick and sudden changes as well as the energy and influences coming from “above”, which is something I should definitely work on.

    3. How can you make time with family most enjoyable?
    Temperance: My family is going through some sensitive issues right now and things get very emotional sometimes. So balance and moderation, combined with the Strength card, really fit the situation. I’m feeling that I should treat everyone around me with an open heart and balancing some realistic conversations and a good dose of kind words.

    4. How to reduce stress?
    Queen of Pentacles: acting calmly and offering comfort and peace to people. I also feel that this card suggests a deeper connection to nature and the magic in life, like seeing everything as a miracle of nature or something like that. This is something I have been feeling more and more attracted to lately.

    5. Message from Higher Self
    Queen of Wands: it’s time to enjoy all this good energy with simplicity, joy and zest for life. “Simplicity” makes me think about the Strength and Temperance cards, while the “zest of life” aspect reminds me of the Queen of Pentacles and even the Eight of Wands. While I should deal with others with kindness, balance and moderation, I see that my own life is full of energy and opportunities for changes and new experiences. I think it’s a very nice message for the end of the year!

    That’s all. Thank you very much for this spread!

    P.S.: I’m a Libra, so I think all of those ideas and advice even go along with my sign.

  2. Bobby Jensen says:

    I did the three card version but still have trouble figuring the cards.

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