Tarot Reading for Jan 20 – 26

I decided to consult an Oracle deck for this week’s reading – The Magick and Mediums Oracle

If you’d like a private Tarot reading from me, I’ll be offering them all month long 🙂


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3 Responses to Tarot Reading for Jan 20 – 26

  1. Robin Casey says:

    Pleased to see you using a Oracle deck again Kate.The reading sure does give one food for thought.Wonderful!

  2. simplysharon says:

    Hi Kate- didn’t seem like “over 10 minutes”… I love the sacred space… We have a room we call the “sacred room” and it has been a dumping ground and I have been wanting to get in there and honor the space again. Just so happens one of my days off is Wednesday!!! Where I work we get one weekend off every 8 weeks – mine’s this coming weekend – so – no hard plans – will follow my inner guide. As for the attraction card.. mmmm… I am definitely remaining open and aware to the feelings of any gravitations! Great reading. Thanks again, Kate.

  3. Kiyasu Oka says:

    This is so cool using an Oracle deck this time 🙂

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