Win a FREE Scholarship for my Tarot Course!

UPDATE: The winner of the Tarot Scholarship is Andrea Sohn! Congrats Andrea! Thank you to each and everyone of you who entered and took the time to write a wonderful interpretation

My 4-week course Reading Tarot for Others kicks off on Wednesday and an anonymous alumni of this course has generously paid the tuition for one lucky person!

If you’d like to win a free scholarship to my course, here’s what to do:

1. In the comments below, tell me why you’d like to take my course (in 2-3 sentences or less – I don’t need you’re life story 😉

2. Give me your best interpretation of the three cards below in just a few words (these were the cards that came up in my weekly YouTube reading – it’s the message for the week ahead). Ideally, 1-2 sentences per card – I know that’s tricky, but LESS IS MORE!

Everyday Witch Tarot – 3 of Pentacles, 10 of Swords, Knight of Swords

I will announce the winner on Monday morning ♥
Good luck & have fun!!!

PS – If you don’t need the scholarship, but would still like to have a go at interpreting these cards, have at it! (just let me know in your comment that you don’t wish to be considered for the scholarship).

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75 Responses to Win a FREE Scholarship for my Tarot Course!

  1. Robin Casey says:

    Hi Kate,a very informative reading,thank you.As for offering a interpretation.All has been covered by the other viewers,based on your guidance. I do have a small thought about the Knight of swords….Reach out for higher goals if possible. Many thanks.

  2. Jessica Dooms says:

    I want to take this course because the time is now for me. Purchased 2 tarot decks and 3 oracle decks. I was drawn to the cards. I use to work with lenormand but that was a long time ago. I was pulled to start again with tarot and found your video’s on youtube and here i am 😁.
    Explaining the cards:
    3 pentacles:
    I see 3 is a crowd, a third party involved.
    10 swords:
    Giving up or moving on from a situation. Something more positive is coming, sun in the background.
    Knight of swords:
    Attack! If you want it, go get it. Charge ahead!
    Overal view:
    Leave your past behind, be strong, the future is bright. Don’t be affraid, we have your back.

    Thank you for reading my post and for your view on how to read the cards.

    Love and light🌟😊

  3. Tracy Ryan says:

    The Teacher appears when the student is here I am.
    3 of Pentacles seems to mean coming out of isolation and joining forces, sometimes self-critique can be damaging so a fresh perspective helps.
    10 of Swords – the damage done from overload, overload of perfection, not releasing the harshness of self-loathing and believing others damning words/beliefs.
    Knight of Swords – seems to be a rejuvenation of focus, a rebirth of strength and determination.

  4. Lis Sar says:

    Hi Kate,
    Thank you for the tips and advice on Youtube Channel. I’ve been watching your Weekly interpretation since I found your channel about 5 months ago.

    1. I would like to take your course because I would like to learn to do tarot reading without relying on the traditional tarot meaning (that makes my interpretation 1 dimensional), but to trust my intuition and connect with the querent by providing them with more profound & insightful reading.

    2. My interpretation of the three cards:

    1st card: Embrace teamwork & collaboration and at the same time, ensure everyone is clear about the direction (i’m drawn to the cat sitting in front of everyone else – make sure they’re on the same page? 🙂 )

    2nd card: Trust on your inner voice before trusting others. If you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. Learn from it and move on.

    3rd card: act quick with your decision! If there’s an opportunity, grab it, act on it!  This card reminds me of the time I had to act quick on my online purchase of a tarot deck – turned out that I bought the last one in stock and the price had doubled from other sellers on eBay.


  5. Becky Gilhula says:

    I would LOVE to take your course and had looked into it but unfortunately due to covid -19 my career and income came to a screeching halt! The future of my career is very uncertain and I have been looking into a finding a new source of income and incorporating tarot into it. I have lots of time right now and could fully devote myself to learning so I can one day help guide others who find themselves in a position like I am. xo
    3 of Pentacles ~ collaborating with others and sharing knowledge as you master your skills
    10 of Swords ~ experiencing a sudden ending to something but it opens up space for the new opportunities you have been working on to come to life
    Knight of Swords ~ you have the ambition and drive to continue to push forward, however be careful not to be too impulsive

  6. Lisa Blanton says:

    I need this course in the worst way! I would love more confidence in this area and in every area as well and your the perfect teacher. I freeze up in even trying to interpret these cards, even here. I get so many thoughts at once, I’m never sure which way to go or what to say. This course would be exactly what I need at this time! Please consider me, I’d never be able to afford your expertise, experience otherwise!

  7. Marilyn Thorpe says:

    I’d love and be so appreciative of the scholarship!)

    In the past you’ve relied on or enjoyed working with others, valuing their opinions. Currently you feel alone, maybe even abandoned, experiencing a sense of defeat or being held down. Pay attention to guidance from nature in the raven offering a feather in the Ten of Swords. Take heed in your next steps with careful judgment. Bashing through hastily in pursuit of winning will disrupt guidance and signs from nature!

  8. David says:

    Hi Kate,
    I would love the opportunity to study with you, but my finances won’t stretch that far right now. I have studied tarot for many years alongside all things esoteric, but it has been a rather lonely path. I tend towards readings which are very rationally based, and I would like to learn to trust a more intuitive approach which I find is the essence of your style.
    For the beginning of the week I find that the 3 of pentacles concerns creative expression. I feel like this has been blocked recently and the 10 of swords suggests it is blocked by negative thoughts. There is over thinking here and coming to believe that we are only our thinking selves. The knight of swords says reclaim freedom of thought to release those creative blocks. You could be painting that picture by the end of the week if you let yourself…
    David (from UK).

  9. Margaret Wilcock says:

    Hi Kate, I’d love the chance to do your course and gain more confidence in reading tarot cards for others as well as being able to empower my own readings. At times, I need a compass on my tarot journey to find the landmarks of where to go.

    My interpretation of the cards: three pentacles shows where focus is needed on a collective project of work. There needs to consensus or collaboration to move forward. The ten swords suggests betrayal of the worst kind but with the ability to bounce back. Strength will grow from the pain to be in a stronger position than before. With the Knight of Swords I see single mindedness. Plans are put into place that demand success with an energy that is non compromising.

  10. Maud says:

    I’d love to join and creat a solid base , and …..get my tarot reading confidence back : )

    interpretation for me personal :

    card 1 . I am on the right path ; since just today ( ! ) I joined a new group of people who want to help each other with all different skills : )
    Card 2. stop worrying about what I myself or other people think about me ‘reading cards ‘
    Card 3. I should start speaking my mind and take action

  11. Rita says:

    I was drawn to buy a deck only last week, and now through Katie Flowers mentioning you I find myself here, seems like fate 💜

    • Rita says:

      I forgot no. 2 – my interpretation is I have come to learn, it may be hard, but in the end you will soar ……thanks Rita

  12. I would love to take this course as have loved all the courses I have done of yours , you make it easy to understand , and I love all the worksheets you provide .You have helped me so much . I have done a few tarot courses before I found you , none have been as interesting and inspiring as yours 💚. I really feel I will finally be able to do readings
    3 pentacles : working as a team .learning from one another, powerful magic happens when we work together.
    10 swords :the ending of something .being stabbed in the back . Opportunity to do some deep healing .
    Knight of swords:running towards success.running to save the day . Going for something you want very determined .
    Thanks so much Kate

  13. James Robinson says:

    I would like to be considered for the scholarship to the May course. I have been a casual student of the Tarot since the 1970’s, reflecting on cards and doing readings for myself. I have never taken up doing readings for others – it may be about time, I think.

    One interpretation of the cards may be:

    Three of Pentacles: The plan looks good. The foundations are in place to do the work, be it in the World or of the Spirit.

    Ten of Swords: There may be some pain; but the added suffering on top of it is optional. Grab that broom and fly!

    Knight of Swords: Once you are back in the foray, you feel invincible and ready to learn more. Full speed ahead!

  14. Cydney says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Why I would like to take your course:

    I’ve been “playing” with Tarot on and off for a while; reading mainly for myself, occasionally for family and friends who’ll let me. I am having difficulty of growing my skills and developing a way of stitching together a story, instead of just reading the individual card meanings. I also would like to learn how to better incorporate other aspects or elements of the tarot such as the meaning of reversed cards, use of astrology and spiritual meanings of the cards. I’ve been going through your instructional videos which I’ve found helpful, I think your course would be extremely valuable.

    So, my attempt at interpreting the cards:
    1) 3 of Pentacles: Presenting one’s work at a particular task or goal that may be completed or just in the beginning the beginning stages, to people around you.
    2) 10 of Swords: But to begin the above task/goal or perhaps in order to have completed the above task/goal, something had to be left behind (lost or loss of) which is/was an extremely difficult one to make, overwhelming or feeling deceived/despair represented by the person fleeing the scene. The sun rising up behind the person who is actively reaching for the broom is someone who is continues to strive to overcome this obstacle or predicament.
    3) Knight of swords: Triumph, good outcome is possible by gathering of all information, facts and truth regarding this new chapter (letting go of the loss and starting anew) requires intelligence and clear thinking as well as strength. Or it could represent a strong intelligent person in one’s life who’ll be of assistance.

  15. I would love to win the scholarship for your class…💙💙 I would love to read Tarot for others with more confidence and not wonder if I did it right all the time.
    My interpretation of the cards:
    Working together to create the best way to handle a situation or project and find a solution to a problem you are faced with.
    Fighting through troubles and hard times to get back up again, things are not as bad as they appear and you will rise again.
    Forging ahead, taking action to find truth and free your ideas. Clearing the way for your thoughts.
    Thank you for the opportunity Kate!! 💙💙

  16. Sandyi Offermann says:

    There is a lot of decisions and growth on the horizon with this you will need all of you .
    Root chakra and solar plexus play a big part stay grounded with your thoughts .

    There is going to be such an overwhelming moment that you will feel weighed down , everything feels like it is on you , but you have gained all you need with the grounding and now have knowledge and knowing of what you need.
    to go forward with that you will not only be succeeding in your goal you will also be bringing wisdom and message to help others . 🌸

  17. Claire M says:

    Hi Kate, I would really like the scholarship as I’ve always had a innate desire to read for and give tarot guidance, as I love it but lack confidence to start a business of my own.

    My card interpretation is: The week starts positively with a focus on rewarding work or creative activities but watch out for those around that display jealousy towards your talents. They may seek to steal ideas, take the credit or cause problems for you and by mid week you could find yourself feeling targeted or harshly victimised. By the end of the week though, your resolve returns and you’ll have the drive, strength and bravery to stand up, defend yourself and push through any criticism or struggles you encounter.

  18. dena moskowitz says:

    I need more confidence in reading for others and in understanding how readings help people. The three card reading for the week is as follows: beginning of week creates a blueprint for working together, with advice from mentors. Middle of week is an end to some project that feels like they were failures but we must dust ourselves off in some area of life and start over. Knight of Swords at end of week we can throw ourselves into new plans with gusto. We can always begin again.

  19. Lindsey Smith says:

    I’d love to take your course! My mom has told us from a young age that we’re witches, so I’ve always had that in me. However recently I’ve felt a vicious push into tarot (I’ve never considered it before now), and the more I learn the more I literally FALL IN LOVE, and feel like this is actually a talent of mine, and possibly a gift I need to develop.
    So here goes, my feelings + interpretation of the pictures:

    Three of Pentacles: Solving a problem together, working towards a common goal, using all kinds and all minds to focus on a single problem.

    Ten of Swords: Betrayal. But you aren’t left alone in it. You have divine guidance (crow feather), your friends (cat), and the tools and knowledge (broom) you possess to help you get up, recover. And, now that the betrayal is done, you have more knowledge going forward about who and what to trust and who not to trust.

    Knight of Swords: Facing things with divine guidance, and nothing more, but having all the confidence to face anything knowing it’s divinely guided.

  20. Jennifer Mundy says:

    I love tarot. Been doing it for a few years but never had the chance for someone to guide me.
    The 3 of pens gives me the feeling of reflection on her choices the pros and cons.
    10 of swords. Feeling of time to take a breather but it’s a quick one your next battle is around the corner.the knight of swords says to me that your ready for the battle ahead and always member to look around cuz there will always be help just ask.

  21. Ana Maria Oliveira says:

    Hello, Kate! How are you? I usually read the cards just for myself, but I decided to accept your challenge as an opportunity to learn and share more knowledge about tarot. Next week, in my country, some restrictions will be lifted after 3 weeks of confinement. So if I had to do a tarot reading for the next week, I’d say:
    For the first days of the week, you must work with dedication for a common cause. You need to look for details, remembering that a careful plan are going to serve well your efforts. (3 of pentacles).
    Don´t allow old hurts to cloud your understanding and appreciation of what you already have in your life. Things will be exactly what you make of them. Keep going. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. (10 of Swords)
    Near the weekend it’s important for you to keep focused on your goal, because it will help you with your grief and sorrow. Also, be gentle to yourself, have a good night sleep, try to relax, do some meditation or read a good book. Healing is found when you are connect with your Higher Self. (9 of Swords)
    Thank You,

    • Steven Gamerdinger says:

      Hello Kate,
      First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to possibly winning a scholarship. When I first discovered your website and saw how you blend your knowledge of Tarot with insight and possibilities into your readings, I was and am intrigued and impressed. I go to your website on a weekly basis to watch you work your magic.

      The Three of Pentacles
      Maybe making plans, or an upcoming project early in the week
      Ten of Swords
      The endeavor could be more difficult or complicated than expected, but by reaching for ones power, they can proceed…..if they choose to.
      Knight of Swords
      That by using some of those swords, the querent may very well soar.

  22. Kat Matthews says:

    Hey Kate (not sure if my first answer actually went through so i’m trying again. Apologies if this a double!) I have been reading for a few years now and I’d like to take my readings to the next level so I can concisely help others realize and dissolve or elevate patterns in their lives.

    three of pentacles, Appreciate the work you’re doing for yourself without agonizing over others approval, it doesn’t need to look golden in order to have value, trust your process.

    ten of swords, there is an unwillingness to surrender to the current situation, but its time to make peace with this ending. The bird sheds a feather as a gift to help you in letting go.

    knight of swords, when its time, you will get back up wiser, and with clarity about the needed action, truly knowing when you’re being called to act rather than chasing the past for comforts sake .

    -Kat <3

  23. Martha Cook says:

    I have had a few false starts learning Tarot but I am really inspired and motivated now to dive deeper into the archetypes and symbolism, and really experience Tarot at a spiritual path. Your teaching style really calls to me. I love your use of precise handouts and clear explanations. I would love to study with you!
    I am a beginner and enjoying studying card meanings. Have not done much with spreads yet… But I would say that this week we may start out completing a project with others with a feeling of accomplishment and success. Mid week we may experience some form of disappointment or loss, or we may just feel a sense of closure, and the knowing that it is time to move on.
    We may wind up the week experiencing ourselves as determined and motivated (perhaps about our new project), or we may encounter someone in our lives who is an intelligent, strong, possibly intimidating personality.
    We also might wish to watch our own balance around this personality trait with others.

  24. Ana Antunes says:

    Hello, Kate. First of all, thank you so much for this opportunity to get a chance in this contest to win a free scholarship to your course.

    I would love to take your course because I’m just beginning my spitural path and the cards simply grab my attention. Every day I try to learn something new about the cards and to use them to get to know me better, and so the next step is trying to help others, but I feel like a part of me likes to cross my path and create some doubts… I would love to calm down those little gremlins.

    My interpretations are:
    For the Three of Pentacles, I see people looking at a window, a window of oportunity. Their body language and even the position of the two candles seems like a window. To me, it’s like they are looking at a window of oportunity and HOPE.

    The Ten of Swords gives me the impression that she’s laying down, hurt and tired, but she doesn’t give up. She has to grab that broom because dying is not an option. She’s strong, so she has to grab her life, her path. She can do it, she’s not going to be defeated.

    The Knight of Swords is going to the “fight” (in portuguese we say “Eu vou à luta”). The knight is focused on his goal and nothing will restrain him. I also feel courage and a fearless atittute towards the unknown. Bravery.

    The overall mesage for me is about Hope and Bravery. Embrace our true selves without fear, because, we can do everything and… what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

    Best wishes

    Ana Antunes

  25. Allison says:

    People are coming together to solve problems and be of service but you have to make space for them and receive what they are creating fully. That feeling you have, that maybe it’s just better to just stay down is natural in this exhausting political and social time, but your inclination to grab at that broom, get up, and get back in the game is proof that if you want change, you’ll have to be the change.

    I’d a senior citizen on a limited income coming back to the cards after many years. But I’m being heavily called to them again. I want to help people with them, and I think your course could help me help them better.

  26. Jean Chaney says:

    You are always so generous in sharing and I so enjoy your teaching style. I am a beginner, but totally enthralled and working hard to absorb as much as I can. I am anxious to learn more. I would love to take your course and I thank you and the generous benefactor for the opportunity to try to win it here.
    I see deep concentration and a love of learning something in the Three of Pentacles, followed by some frustrations along the way of achieving this knowledge in the Ten of Swords. The Knight of Swards shows that the future holds much promise of achieving the goals through determination. (Sounds like I just read for myself, LOL!)

  27. Joyce says:

    Kate, I’ve just purchased your course and look forward to starting next week!

    I like Michele’s interpretation above🙂. My own initial thoughts (not brilliant, I know!) are:
    At the beginning of the week, people are likely to be focusing intently on health and financial matters/worries , as a result of which they might feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the middle of the week, but then getting their thoughts together (removing those swords from their backs!), taking action and moving forward in a more determined manner by the end of the week.

    Many thanks, by the way, for last weeks ‘reading tarot for yourself’ video. I was unable to attend live but enjoyed the recording next day🙂.

    Best Wishes


  28. Alla says:

    Three of Pentacles – is about different energies interwoven or mingled together to make a better picture, than just going by separately on their own, it is about being part of something bigger and beautiful.

    Ten of Swords – is about focusing on the light at the end of the dark tunnel, rather than on your pain or sufferings.

    Knight of Swords – pulling yourself up, focusing on the goal that lifts you up above the mundane.

    The whole week is about surmounting personal weakness through collaboration and mindfulness.

    Hi, Kate I would like to take part in your contest for a free scholarship. I’ve been following your channel for a while and learning your way of card interpretation which is very appealing to me. I would like to grow more intuitive and professional under your guidance and see what I am worth. I am doing tarot readings for others and I am looking for my own style of working with tarot and I expect that your course might bring in some light and novelty. To take your course will be a double challenge for me as I live in Russia in a different time zone and English is not my native language. Thanks.

  29. jan G says:

    I have boxes of decks, hoping the next deck will ‘speak’ to me. I realized after your reading for myself class, it’s ME that’s the problem (and my obsession with decks of all kinds). I need proper training 🙂

    3 cards are about working together, even though things may look really bad, help is on the way! we are never truly alone, even in our darkest moments. There is always a silver lining

  30. Laura says:

    I didn’t add why I want to take this course…
    I want to take this course because you teach beyond terminology. You teach us how to use our intuition and imagery of the cards. You have a less is more approach when reading tarot. I tend to muddy my readings with too many cards.
    The tarot has gotten me through some of my darkest times. I want to be able to help others like I helped myself.

  31. Laura says:

    I would love to take your course.
    Regardless of whether I am allowed the opportunity or not, thank you to the generous person that allowed someone the opportunity of this experience.
    Three of pentacles: coming together to experience or learn. This is two or more people with similar goals
    Ten of swords: an ending or a transition out of thoughts or experiences that were leaving me feeling betrayed, stuck, anxious.
    Knight of swords: ready to get move! It can mean hasty actions. A fast moving energy.

    To interpret them altogether:
    If I was reading for someone else…
    You will find someone else or a group of people to collaborate on an idea. You will learn valuable lessons together. This will make you feel you can move on from some thoughts/feelings that weren’t serving you. Be careful of making quick decisions but you are going to “hit the ground running” onto the next. The lessons you learn in conjunction with an ending a period of feeling stuck/anxious/unproductive will act as a catalyst to this new adventure.

  32. Tamara says:

    It’d be an amazing experience to join a proper tarot course like yours, because I consider myself as a beginner with lots of basic understanding who really wants to improve readings both for myself and others; which won’t be so easy by self-taught knowledge..

    Here’s my interpretation for each card:
    1st card: allowing others’ opinions on solving a problem/reaching your goal at this moment would really help!
    2nd card: you still have the inner strength to rise and cope with the disappointment from being unappreciated/taken from granted by those who don’t see your struggle.
    3rd card: the change/result you’ve been waiting for is happening very soon, just have faith.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Kate!! Love from Indonesia 🙂

  33. Nicole Haase says:

    Hey, so I’m just getting started with Tarot and also Astrology. Not sure whether I would call myself a baby witch, but maybe. And hence I would really like to take your course as a way of learning so much. It’s a huge opportunity to me.

    (Please excuse any mistakes or quirks, English isn’t my native tongue.)

    Here is my idea before watching your video:

    In the Three of Pentacles I see those three people inside and studying together, accompanied by their familiars. This could be of course a hint on using our stay at home time for learning and exploring what’s good instead of focusing on the negative.

    Wow, Ten of Swords is a person pinned down on the ground trying to reach their broom. Very intense and a bit frightening. There are also a crow or raven and a cat. But is it dust or dawn? I mean, the person could reach the broom, couldn’t they? So it might actually be a card of hope. Challenge, but hope. Maybe also a warning of being left alone wounded, since the person in red coat is running away? Getting help or being the aggressor of this scene?

    Then we have the Knight of Swords. Flying on a broom amidst the crowd or ravens. Looking fierce. Since the card before was a Sword card, too, maybe this is the same person who did get up after all and is now challenging their situation from the second card with new strength.

    I think it looks like a study group in which one of the students either purposely or accidentally hurt one person. This person however gets back up and fights, now however, alone on the broom.

    Sorry if this wasn’t very profound, I’m learning and trying my best. And I can’t wait to watch your video now and hope so hard I might win the course. (I would be happy for another person, too, though.)

  34. Alison says:

    I would love to have this opportunity to take this course because it would be a powerful self development tool and greatly improve my ability to empower and inspire others along their life path
    to success and personal happiness.

    The cards: Although a good solid framework had been built with team working with others, something doesn’t sit right anymore. I am now done and the energy of the situation propels me forward to really focus and do what is important to me personally.

  35. Diana says:

    Hi Kate,
    I’m very happy with the idea for the competition – mainly because I can send you my cards interpretation, and you will read it.
    I want to attend your course because I really like your Tarot interpretations. I watch them regularly and they are extremely relevant to me. I want to be able to learn from you an intuitive Tarot.

    My interpretation:
    Three of Pentacles – very successful work on a new project in a good mood and a pleasant atmosphere. Monday and Tuesday are fun at work, creativity, ideas that come mostly from other people’s inspiration or in a team.
    Ten of Swords – some unpleasant meetings, messages that hurt us. Maybe someone will steal us the effects of this earlier cooperation. It can be also mean that we should need to be more careful about our health.
    Knight of Swords – this is the end of restrictions, the feeling that what burdened us has already gone and now is the time for what is really important. It may be affected by something we learned on Wednesday or Thursday. For me, these crows around the Knight mean a very strong role of the subconscious in making decisions these days.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to send my interpretation.
    All the best,

  36. Mairi says:

    I’ve been studying tarot on my own now for a few years, drawing a card per day and reading about it, committing at least some of it to memory. I have done a few readings for people for which I have accepted payment, and while the sitters have all seemed happy enough with their readings, I lack confidence and struggle with imposter syndrome. I would like to read more intuitively instead of by memory, and develop a better understanding of the archetypes of the court cards. There is always so much more to learn!

    The cards: The three of pentacles indicates a collaborative team effort on working on a project. The ten of swords represents a sudden and painful end, perhaps a betrayal where someone betrays you, and finally the knight of pentacles shows a need to learn from that experience and move on, striking out on your own to continue with your plan solo.

  37. Susie Murray says:

    After years of feeling drawn to tarot and trying to connect and study, it always seemed to fall short. But lately it feels like at last it’s all coming together. I feel this course/scholarship has come at the perfect time to help me in my studies, and to give me the added confidence to connect to reading another’s tarot.

    Working towards a goal with others, blending ideas with an open mind. But, It didn’t go as planned. All was not as it seemed. Move on, but learn from the deceit. Time to consider another course of action or a new direction…take charge.

  38. Joanna says:

    i would like to take this course because i feel like as a beginner i would learn so much!
    I have had readings for others but only by messages. I feel awkward reading by having them in front of me. i want to be more confident with my readings!

    what i’m getting from the cards is that a creative project is on the way. Maybe a team assignment or getting somewhere in a project at work. Then i feel like its really difficult to get through that and maybe someone from the team bailed on you.But that isn’t supposed to get you down.The rest of the team should find the power to get through this and focus on their main goal. But also be patient and be careful not to hurt anyone on the way.

  39. Angie says:

    Hi I’m Angie (from France). I would love to win your course because Tarot Reading is so wide, it takes a life or more to explore its mysteries and I love learning (team gemini). I currently have a very intuitive approach of tarot, I have nerver learnt it and want to have a strong base of knowledges. I am a big fan of your interpretations that’s why I am so motivated !
    This is my view of the coming week: The beginning of the week invites us to be more open-minded, to get out of our carapace to open to others without fear and judgement. Union makes force, together we can go further, let’s be less selfish, once we found our place in the game, we can make miracles by making room for others in our plans. Then, it will be time to release our old luggages and move forward lightly (full moon influences maybe). By realising that what hurt you also makes you strong, you will discover a huge creative energie in you. Use this light to get up and live the life you deserve. At the end of the week, teh advice is to stay focused on one and unique goal at a time, don’t let you disturb by your doubts and fears, step into what makes you feel alive !
    Have a good week everyone !

  40. I’ve been experiencing conflict daily in relation to taking your course. My heart yells, “Yes!” because I feel the content is perfect for where I am right now on my Tarot journey, but my head screams, “No!” because signing up would just be plain irresponsible given my financial status. What I can say with absolute certainty, is that I wouldn’t have got this far without your input Kate, so thanks for that, and also for this incredible opportunity!

    My interpretation:

    It feels like a good time to reflect on how you work within a team and whether you still share a common goal. What circumstances foster a productive working environment for you, and how do you contribute to creating this?

    Recognising behaviours that you have outgrown and finding the strength to move away from these brings a wonderful opportunity for expansion.

    This week’s cards feel like a real process, a chance to position ourselves to propel and launch with increased focus towards our newly defined or refined goals.

  41. Rosa Rivera says:

    To keep an open mind to others opinion you could learn a new perspective. So when you feel overwhelmed reach out for help this could lighten your load and help you achieve your goal.

    (Does NOT follow instructions well. Hopefully this doesn’t disqualify me.)

  42. Paul Cleague says:

    3 of pentacles – the divine work of the whole transcends individuation
    10 of swords – down but not out!
    Knight of swords – let’s go!!…damn the torpedoes!!!

  43. George Silva says:

    I’d love to partivcipate in the course becuase I think you’re experienced enough and give me boost I need to re-start my Tarot Career. Monday3 of Pentacles, training, training, training, 10 of Swords, stress, stress, and the willing to give up since you seem like you’re drained. Knight of Swords is there to remind you that you should not give up because you’ve got overwhelmed during midweek. Just go for it and get out of your daily boring quarantine schedule!!!!

  44. Paul Cleague says:

    I’d like to win your course because you are on the right path!

  45. Ana Franco says:

    1 – i would like to read the tarot with confidence and without a book… i always need to check the meanings in the book. I also strugle a little bit because i cannot relate the cards inside a reading.

    2 – since i don’t have a tarot book here right now i will do my best 🙂 :
    You created something inside a team but you ended up betrayed by one or more members. Now you are trying to get up back on your feet and recover the thing you lost.
    That was my interpretation but i think it doesn’t make any sense… i really need a course 😄
    Thank you for the opportunity and i wish you lots of success.
    Greetings from the Netherlands 🧡

  46. Rosa Rivera says:

    I like you because NO matter what card you get you always look for the positive in it.
    You took the fear away.
    Card 1: To stay focused on what’s in front of you. Other people’s skills can enrich your
    goals and vice versa.
    Card 2: To stay grounded. To be mentally strong because people are depending on you.
    Card 3: To go forth without hesitation with the idea in your head.
    Applying for the scholarship.

  47. YES! A contest on your channel!
    I started with tarrot when i was 19! I had a creepy experience and did mot pick up the cards, for couple of years becuase of it. When I wanted to get involved with them again I found your channel. You reminded me just how normal practicing the tarrot can be. Your channel has motivated me since I started watching to continue. I think taking the course will be extermly fun and allow me to be more intuned with myslef, the way I want to be. I have wanted to take your course and just have been financially unable to. This scholarship is what I need!

    (I pressed forward, to the end of the video to see the final three cards, in order to make sure that your reading does not influence my opinion! This is 100% of my own interpretations. I choose to read the cards as if I was reading for me! Then I watched the video. I wrote my interpertations and then read your instructions. So I summarize what I wrote and included the orginal version it underneath, incase you are interested in reading the rest.)

    Three of Penacles
    Summary: Do not share your happiness with others, instead, save it for your enjoyment only! Focus on what will bring you to your desires sooner.

    There might be happiness brought from someone special in your life. In general, do not share your happiness with others! People or someone are watching you and they might not want the best for you. They will attempt to take that happiness away. Be careful not to fantasize about the future or the things you want because it could take you away from the goals that will help you to attain what you desire.

    Ten of swords
    Summary: Learn your lesson about a reoccuring problem. Finally decided that this will never happen to you again, by truly learning your leeson!

    You have found yourself in this position before of betrayal! You can prevent this from happening by learning from your past mistakes. If there is anyone you do not trust, even if it is for a small reason… you should not trust them AT ALL! You have been down this road before and you know what to expect. It’s time to look at this situation for what it truly is. We have seen this card so many times and we have gone through this situation before. Were so used to it that it seems like insignificant until we give ourselves time to really look at the situation. The person in the picture just got stabbed multiple times and its scary!! Realize that person wounded is you! that is how serious it is, and it is time for you to realize how serious the situation can become. Decided that this will never happen again because you will finally learn your lesson WELL. And make sure that it is the last time if it cannot be prevented!

    (I beleive the last two cards can go well together because the two witches have the same capes)

    Knight of swords
    Summary: Avoid a negative sitauion by Connecting and listening to ONLY your inner guidence and intuition. You will need to Conquer it the same way if it is not avoided.

    Something good will happen. Use your intuition and connect with it or become in tuned with your inner wisdom or even connect to god, if you believe there is one. And connect to his guidance. Take ONLY your own advice and disregard advice from others. If you can do this then you will avoid a negative situation from happening. If you trust anyone you feel for some reason you shouldn’t then the negative situation might occur, and it will be at an unexpected time. Avoid it by focusing on the guideance of your true inner intuition only. This guidance will take you to new heights and you will start to see your desires being brought to you.

  48. Pandora Law says:

    Hi Kate,

    I’ve bought all your content and done all your courses so far. So I’m probably being greedy. I would purchase this course except I’m absolutely stone broke. I get so much out of your courses and just love doing them. Full stop.

    My take on the cards: I would read as advice – it’s imperative to listen to constructive criticism from likeminded people to get you off your arse after a setback, so you can feel better about getting back in the saddle and moving forward with a clear objective in mind.

  49. Andrea Sohn says:

    Hi Kate! I enjoy your Fridays-3 card readings very much and appreciate your authenticity. I have read for my clients in person and done individual readings . I would love to have the confidence to read on line and reach and help so many more people I find it fascinating how a reading can be general and still resonate with so many.
    I would truly appreciate the scholarship!
    3of Pentacles:Here the first stage of a project has been put into motion and could manifest any time soon. Since the 3 people are just contemplating the 3pentacles and not actually working on them jet, action needs to be taken and determination comes in with the knight of swords. The 10 of swords , midd week ,are insecurities, and worries about the realisation of the project coming up and may be a team member left the project, since you can see someone running away. The stabed one in blue is the same in blue who rides forward in determination, may be bringing forth the project by her /his own.

  50. Debi Jackson says:

    1. I enjoy reading Tarot. However, my reading are extremely fast, even though I can partially recognize story lines, I just want to get to the next card. I would like to do more in-depth readings.
    2. Looking to the week ahead I see:
    Collaboration & teamwork; it looks good; we just need to figure out the details
    However, there is no need to talk an idea to death
    Just make things happen & charge full steam ahead

  51. Vaishali Gupta says:

    I would like to join this course as I am drawn by tarot. I want to gain more confidence as I struggle with weaving a story. Also because of my lack of confidence I feel shy.

    3 of pentacles- patience. The two people are patiently waiting for the work to finish.

    10 of swords- no shame in crying/ asking for help when in need.

    Knight of swords- leave past baggage behind as u charge forward.

  52. Vaishali says:

    I want to join the course because I feel drawn by tarot and want to learn more and get more confident as I do so. I also struggle with how to be weave stories.

  53. Elena Saucedo says:

    I would like to take your course because I have followed your readings for the longest time and I enjoy them very much, I feel the way you do readings it’s very light hearted, and even if it’s a “negative card” it always has a positive message behind it. I would like to be more confident with my readings.
    In regards the cards, I feel maybe someone was in a partnership that was working fine, however they “betray” that person or the project, and eventually that will lead to “a battle” or competition.

  54. pat odell says:

    I received a deck when I was eleven years old which began my life long infatuation with tarot. I treasure those cards as much as the more recent decks that have more color and detailed pictures than that first set.
    The three means a strong foundation of learning, planning, and meditating. Tens represents completion and results of decisions and accomplishments. The brave and well-prepared knight is heading with determination into the next phase.

  55. Launa says:

    I would love to take your course!! I save money every year to pay for a reading. I would love to earn a scholarship to be able to grow my confidence. I have wished to be able to help others by interpreting the tarot for them. I follow your blog weekly and resonate with your style of expressing tarot. I hope I am given the opportunity to earn a scholarship.
    A team working together planning on a creative plan. It is a challenging plan that required all of your mental forces and just when you think you can not take anymore… get that broom girl you must move quickly to get on with it.

    Thank you

  56. Kat Matthews says:

    Hey Kate! Ive been reading for a few years now, and I’m looking for something to take my readings to the next level so that I can effectively and concisely help others realize and expand on themes and patterns in their lives.

    The three of pentacles:
    Take it easy on yourself and appreciate the work you’re doing. You don’t need to worry about making everything seem golden for the sake of others. Trust in your process.

    The ten of swords:
    There is an unwillingness to submit to/ accept the current situation, you may not want to let this be over, but it’s time to make peace with this ending. The bird sheds a feather as a gift to help you in letting go.

    The Knight of swords:

    When its time, you will get back up in the saddle with clarity, and forward momentum. You are wiser, and understand when you’re truly being called to act, not just when you want to chase the past for comforts sake.

    – Kat <3

  57. Marilène says:

    Dear Kate,
    I’ve been practicing the last couple of weeks with tarot reading and I’m really enjoying this experience so far. However, I’m still very insecure of how I’m interpreting the cards and am a bit skeptical with the outcomes that I get when I’m reading tarot. This is why I would really like to improve my intuition skills and to be more relaxed when I’m reading tarot.

    3 of Pentacles: Enjoying and being very thoughtful with your job.
    10 of Swords: Not being able to reach your goal and to feel defeated.
    Knight of Swords: Being determined and confident to pursue your goal.

    Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!!!

  58. Beth Gilgore says:

    Reason -admire your frank descriptions

    Interpretation-mine is personal, didn’t remember that I have been reading casually since 2014, except notes taken. Lost then found my 3 of pentacles. Bought new deck in interim. Death deserved but had and have to fight way back with cutting thru nonsense and reaching for own truth.

  59. Tatiana Alonso says:

    I would feel so privileged to take your course because I am currently trying to expand my understanding of the tarot after starting to learn it last year; tarot has served as the perfect psycho-spiritual tool of personal development for me and it just feels like damn good therapy (that i do for myself for free!). I would ultimately like to hone my skills into being able to one day help others, too.

    **love your choice of deck, btw (i just bought the adorable mini version and am loving it!)

    3 of pentacles always gives me a feeling of collaboration amongst people for a common goal, either needing better teamwork or celebrating progress (depending oh spread placement and orientation). i also tend to hear the message of being more flexible and open minded when working with others when i see this card.

    10 of swords kind of makes me laugh because i have a t shirt with a ten of swords representation that depicts the person alive and on their phone while being stabbed and the text reads “everything is fine” LOL. this card tells me that everything is not fine and that there’s a bit of denial happening about feeling overwhelmed by something. it also gives me the message that whatever that may be, i’m not dead yet and am thus encouraged to keep going but with some mindful adjustments.

    the knight of swords usually reminds me of a quick thinker who is clever, calculated yet still a little impulsive at times. kind of like a cat and that curiousity!

    THANKS so much for all your appreciated content!! : )

  60. Judith Harris says:

    I would like to be able to read more confidently for others. I have been studying for a few years but still have a fear of reading for other people.
    My interpretation of these cards is: You are known in your community for your good work ( 3 of Pentacles) but someone is talking behind your back (10 of Swords) but someone else is quick to defend you. ( knight of Swords).

  61. Sharon B says:

    1 I can read for myself easily now. For others I feel a block, almost like it’s not possible. I think I believe that I have no business knowing their cards. I wonder, however, if it is possible for me to serve others by reading their cards. This is my conflict.
    2 Your nature is to work synergistically with others. You have seen much fruitage of that. Not all of your ideas need to be brought forth by a team, however. It is time to notice when you can work with just your divine spark. When you do, you’ll fly into action and experience a laser focus that will thrill you.

  62. Francesca Ferraro says:

    I am always open to learning new things and believe you very much love what you do and therefore a great ambassador for Spirit.
    -Basically I feel that the 3 of Pent. would say that we have to step up to the plate and work together in light of what’s happening within our current situation.
    -That we should not come from a place of fear and immobility but to now embrace the situation with,
    -New vigour and attitude and look to how this situation can work for you and not against you.

  63. Luisa Martinez says:

    I would love an opportunity to take the course. I saw your webinar about reading for yourself and I remembered why I loved tarot so much I first started learning it. You have a kind nurturing energy I hope that I get a chance to participate in the course.

  64. I would really like to take your class because I respect you as a reader. I have also enjoyed a few of your lives and loved the love class on 4/30/20. I would like an opportunity to learn more from you.

    1. 3 of Pentacles
    I see this card as teamwork. Collaboration will be helpful or necessary.

    2. 10 of Swords
    I see as possibly being stabbed in the back.

    3 knight of swords.
    This brings me to feel that you have gained enough ground to begin to put your plan into action.

  65. Michele B says:

    I’d like to take your course so i can be more comfortable reading for others and experience further growth in that area. As soon as I think about reading for someone else I feel blocked and my anxiety rises. It’s so frustrating. A scholarship would help me a lot right now .

    Looking at the cards there was a sense of teamwork but somewhere along the way someone “stabbed” you in the back and you were left feeling like you had to charge forward in battle!

  66. Nancy Dooley says:

    I was drawn to the tarot cards at the age of 12 when I bought my first deck. I never fully pursued the cards but they have always tugged at my heart. I was not able to devote time to learning until recently when my caretaking of my parents ended last fall. Now I have time to pursue my dream and would love to be taught by you.

    Interpretation of the cards – Ideas and planning taking place. Need to make a clean break from the past and move towards new beginnings. Dealing with a mental conflict. Full charge ahead.

  67. Victoria Holob says:

    1): I would love to take your class. I do need a scholarship. I love the way you speak to us, clearly and not too fast. I like how you use different card decks so we can learn about them too. I have slowly been learning about Tarot for about 5 years.
    2): I see a person(me) standing back while yet again two higher ups make the plan for the business, and I have my hands in my disempowered pockets, and not dressed as the Managers or Directors, I am clearly “Just a voiceless worker bee”. Then Now, the time has come to end the pain and mental stifling of being “just a worker bee for somebody else with my ideas never being good enough or accepted” I am reaching for my mode of transportation(belief in myself) to get me out of there and to move on even though I remember many happy times working there, enough is enough. It’s time to jump on my “horse” like The Lone Ranger Hi Ho Silver Broomstick(!) and yeeee haaaa charge on into the future with lots of flying things(angels and guides) flying in the same direction as me—into the future towards a better chapter.

  68. Naír Meza says:

    Hello, I’d like to take your course because I would like to reach my full potential as a tarot reader. In 2017 I randomly found a tarot deck in a community free box, but I never used the cards until this January after a friend gifted me another deck. The cards seem to have gravitated towards me, and I’ve been practicing almost daily but I would love to have more guidance.

    In regards to an upcoming week, I would interpret these cards as follows:
    Working hard on one’s creative pursuits and passions but then coming into a block, setback or disappointment. It’s possibly self-sabotage, or trouble with another individual if it was a group project. There is a gaining of clarity on the matter by the end of the week, which will allow one to move forward in the pursuit with a new and improved perspective.

  69. Paul gillespie says:

    Hi Kate! Just starting out I’ve watched dozens of videos on tarot none have matched yours i feel your my way forward in my development x the reading says a poss collaboration for a business model confident in your own area but not so sure with others bring bring people in to help create your vision, midweek maybe your hardworking brainstorming doesn’t meet expectations poss through lack of communication and info on the project maybe time to let that idea go and regroup! End of week, regroup reflect on what didn’t serve your goals there are a myriad of experienced people around to contact for stats for info on the idea your trying to achieve who will happily assist with trued and tested means to suit your needs.

  70. Judy Harris says:

    I would like to be able to be more confident in reading for others.
    My interpretation of these cards is: you maybe be well known in your community for your good work (3 of Pentacles) but there is someone who maybe talking behind your back (10 of Swords)but you may find there is also
    someone ready to jump in and defend you.(night of swords).
    I saw this as a story, hope it’s okay instead of doing each card.

  71. Nicoletta says:

    I’m passionate for tarots and I’d like to broaden my tarot reading experience. I live in Italy so I was wondering if there could be any chance to take part remotely.

    My interpretation is:
    1) Life may put you in front of new challenges, where you have to become a student again and again.
    This is how we master our life.

    2) But a job well done drains our energies. We may feel exhausted. But in the end, a new dawn is waiting for us.

    3) These new experties will give us new fuel, quick thinking and a strong motivation toward your goals.

  72. Jennifer Lillie says:

    I am taking this course on tarot so I can give people messages that uplift and empower them. I choose to spread positivity. From the cards presented the message I get is : The universe is opening new doors of opportunity for You. It knows You have had many struggles but, do not be afraid to keep moving forward to grow and transform.

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