Tarot Reading for May 4 – 10

For this week’s reading I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot


Have a wonderful week ♥

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2 Responses to Tarot Reading for May 4 – 10

  1. Jamie says:

    No, seriously, I LOL-ed when I saw the Ten of Swords after the sweet Three of Pents! My first thought? Well, THAT collaboration didn’t go very well!!

    I hope you’re doing great. Thanks for the reading.

  2. Jose A Benavides says:

    Hi Kate: I would like to learn from you because I find it really helpful and entertaining, so I want to participate in the free scholarship, I appreciate the opportunity. Regarding the reading of the three cards I would tell my querrent that the project that she has in mind has the blessing of friends and relatives, now is time to put away anything that has been an obstacle and put hands to the tools and go for the action

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