May 2020

Tarot Reading for May 25 – 31

I apologize for posting this a day late! I’ve had strep throat the past few days and not to drone on and one about my health (which I secretly love to do!), but I was the sickest I have EVER been in my ENTIRE life….even too sick to watch Netflix.

I got on anti-biotics and now I’m recovering quickly but forcing myself to rest by watching Selling Sunset (a reality show about a bunch of women realtors in LA who dress like expensive escorts and argue constantly about dumb stuff).

For this week’s reading, I’m using my newest deck The Shadowland Tarot by Monica Bodirsky. This is such a fun, quirky deck to read with and I’ll be doing an unboxing video of it in the next day or two, so stay tuned!

Have a good week & thanks for watching 🙂

Interview with Psychic Judi Jamieson

I had the pleasure of sitting down with psychic Judi Jamieson for a fun and fascinating conversation about psychic development, negative entities, weed & other drugs, crystal dildos, orgasm manifestation and more!

And yeah, it was ME who brought up all these weird topics! Don’t blame Judi.

♥ Judi has a free gift for you! Learn 30 ways to open your psychic & intuitive gifts.

Judi’s links:

This interview is the first in a series – if you enjoyed this interview and would like to hear more about these topics (or other topics), let me know in the comments below!

Daily Tarot Girl

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And the Scholarship Winner is…

The free Scholarship for my Reading Tarot for Others course has been awarded to Andrea Sohn. Congratulations Andrea!

I was blown away by the enthusiastic response to this scholarship – honestly, I thought maybe only a handful of people would enter. Was I ever wrong!

I want to give a big hug and heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took the time to enter and write an interpretation for this week’s cards. There were so many wonderful responses and interpretations ♥ I wish I could award a scholarship to all of you!

Also, a massive thank you to the anonymous alumni who donated a spot in my course – your generosity has inspired me and has brought a bright ray of sunshine to a very gloomy and uncertain time.

For those of you who did not get the scholarship and who may not be able to take my course this year – I see you! I’ll be creating plenty of fun (and free) Tarot content in the near future so you’ll still be able to focus on boosting your Tarot confidence and reading skills 🙂

Stay healthy, safe and peaceful ♥

Win a FREE Scholarship for my Tarot Course!

UPDATE: The winner of the Tarot Scholarship is Andrea Sohn! Congrats Andrea! Thank you to each and everyone of you who entered and took the time to write a wonderful interpretation

My 4-week course Reading Tarot for Others kicks off on Wednesday and an anonymous alumni of this course has generously paid the tuition for one lucky person!

If you’d like to win a free scholarship to my course, here’s what to do:

1. In the comments below, tell me why you’d like to take my course (in 2-3 sentences or less – I don’t need you’re life story 😉

2. Give me your best interpretation of the three cards below in just a few words (these were the cards that came up in my weekly YouTube reading – it’s the message for the week ahead). Ideally, 1-2 sentences per card – I know that’s tricky, but LESS IS MORE!

Everyday Witch Tarot – 3 of Pentacles, 10 of Swords, Knight of Swords

I will announce the winner on Monday morning ♥
Good luck & have fun!!!

PS – If you don’t need the scholarship, but would still like to have a go at interpreting these cards, have at it! (just let me know in your comment that you don’t wish to be considered for the scholarship).