Stop Seeking Pleasure….and Start Finding It!

Guess what? After a 2 year hiatus, My evil twin Veronica is baaaaack! And she has everything I don’t….copious cleavage, hordes of cute guys trailing after her and a hankering for day drinking. She’s here to ejaculate some sass and giggle into your day with her Tarot “wisdom” and terrible life advice.

Everyday Witch Tarot

Being a Hedonist is exhausting.

I for one am tired of endlessly seeking pleasure in a boots on the ground sort of fashion. I’m done!

At first being a Hedonist seems wonderful, until you realize your whole life revolves around desperately seeking pleasure – hunting for cupcakes and sunny verandas, hustling off to massage appointments and striving to hypnotize long-eyelashed, muscley man-boys into your brand new cult.

It’s enough to make a girl throw in the towel. The expertly warmed spa towel, that is.

So take a breath and stop chasing pleasure. Because that is when pleasure sneaks up on you… from behind… and bends you over and takes you to Pleasure Town!

Let me explain…

Last night I was lounging in my garden, reading a messed up book about cults, when suddenly I became panic stricken at the realization that I didn’t have any treats to eat later that night.

Then I said to myself “Veronica, you crazy ho, take a chill pill and enjoy the moment” and then I noticed how beautiful the grass looked as the low sun was about to set and how delicious the gentle Summer evening breeze felt as it caressed my skin in that semi-perverted way that nature always seems get away with.

Let the present moment penetrate you. There’s no need to break a sweat lumbering after pleasure – it’s right here for you and it always has been. You just need to open your eyes and spread-eagle your heart!



5 thoughts on “Stop Seeking Pleasure….and Start Finding It!”

  1. Did I tell ya how much I missed Veronica….lol. She is a ballsy, realist badass with an amazing perspective on life. So happy you brought her back, I totally vibe with her! xo

  2. Pleasure, ho, spread-eagle, bends you over, sweat, perverted…I feel like there’s a subliminal message here that I’m not quite getting! 🤣

    Enjoyed, as always, Evil Veronica!

  3. Yes Veronica! Living in the present is key. It goes hand in hand w/ Veronica’s twin reading of the week … Tree Pose!!

  4. I love Veronica! She has such a way with words…..cuts right to the point of it all! Thanks, Veronica, for those wise words of widsom!

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