Tarot Reading for Oct 26 – Nov 1

Holy moly! It’s Halloween this week and I didn’t even realize it until after I did this video, otherwise I’d have made a bigger scene about it.

Every Halloween I like to do a special Tarot reading on myself, by candlelight, at midnight! This year will be no exception. Still haven’t decided on what spread I’ll use or what deck, but I’ve still got time to think about it.

Here’s your Tarot forecast for the week ahead, using the Robin Wood Tarot

Have a good week ♥

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Oct 26 – Nov 1”

  1. Well – I just went through some techno mayhem for Friday-Saturday, decreasing by today. The issues — somehow a given — when you’re setting up computer, software, and phone line connected to a remote server!
    I kept in mind — not easy when you’re in the midst of it — that help was there (church symbol). I’m pleased to finally understand that this card — showing up from time to time- is to remind me that I’m never alone in my predicament. Help is always there! Furthermore, this card is a Minor Arcana — it shall pass away! 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Kate,

    The 5 of Pentacles … a card that shows up from time to time. It triggers limitations but probably this time in our minds, since the 2 first cards are very strong as pointed out. I am curious to see how events will develop at the end of the week!

    Thank you for the reading!

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