Tarot Reading for Nov 2 – 8

I did this reading on Halloween (my fave day of the year!), on a full moon and using the Modern Witch Tarot

Have a good week!


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1 Response to Tarot Reading for Nov 2 – 8

  1. Marie Nicole says:

    Hi Kate – I have mixed feelings about these 3 cards. I would re-shuffle the order: 2 of wands, 7 of pentacles, and then Magician. It would translate as contemplation, patience, and then magic!
    The key word for me is not only patience but nurturing which you pointed out: essential to create magic in my book. Nurturing myself is not a given with what I have on the plate as they say. I’m really ready for contemplation and patience for a month or two — end of the year actually: too much doing, stress, within last 45 days. Death of a close friend and new job.

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