Tarot Reading for Nov 9 – 15

Last week was intense. This upcoming week looks a bit different. I’m using the Dark Mansion Tarot for this reading…

Have a great week!

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2 Responses to Tarot Reading for Nov 9 – 15

  1. Robin Casey. says:

    Hi Kate.Nice spread.This truly a busy reading,lots of work required.It also begs the question about our thought patterns.Such as,what do we think about from week to week,month to month.

  2. Marie Nicole says:

    Hi Kate!
    8 of cups appears in my spread from time to time when I’m discontent with day-to-day living or not using my skills — lack of creativity or inspiration. So, we’ll see how the Queen of Cups or the Ace of Pentacles will bring!

    Thank you for the reading!

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