Tarot Reading for Dec 14 – 20

Heads up: There’s some white noise at the very start and in a couple other spots in this video as my foster kitten Gabby kept bumping up against the mic. It only lasts a few seconds, so I didn’t want to scrap the whole video. I apologize though!

For this week’s reading I’m using the Dark Mansion Tarot…..

Have a good week ♥

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Dec 14 – 20”

  1. Hi Kate, many thanks for this reading. Thirteen minutes is not too much, especially with Gabby purring in the background! Very soothing!
    Thanks for that interpretation of the Five of Swords, I struggle sometimes with this card. And my first thought looking at the Page of Cups was that the fishing net strung up in the background looked like a beach volleyball net. Never played beach volleyball, but it’s always seemed to me like the most carefree way to spend time on a beach – a great message! I just love this tarot deck, so much to see in each card.
    Thanks again!

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