Tarot Reading for March 22 – 28

I love it when all three cards in a weekly Tarot reading have similarities and seem to be connected! For this week’s reading, I’m using the Aura & Ember Tarot….


Have a great week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for March 22 – 28”

  1. This is so interesting and exciting, and thank you so much for this lovely reading, Kate!! Wow, I LOVE your interpretations of the cards! Really like the whole thing about going from being empty to receiving combined with the sense of progress and conquering! This is a beautiful reading!!!

  2. Hi Kate, I just finished watching the weekly reading that you had read and I found it very interesting. In a good way 😊of course.
    I’m just interested to know if all tarot cards have the same meaning 🤫 eg the two of swords, like this card looks nothing like the two of swords in the rider wait deck but does it mean the same thing. To my knowledge I think they don’t because the 2 cards look completely different. Can you correct me if I’m wrong please.
    Love light and many blessings to you

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