Tarot Reading for Aug 9 – 15

I just got the Bad Bitches Tarot in the mail the other day and this was my first reading with it! It’s an easy deck to read with and I’m loving the fun, girly energy of it. Stay tuned for my unboxing/review video!

Have a good week!

PS – My Tarot Summer School course Tarot Journalling for Soul Explorers goes live on Monday! It’s for all levels and is designed to get you chatting with your cards and writing up a storm ♥

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Aug 9 – 15”

  1. Hi Kate,
    How uncanny. I did a reading for myself yesterday (Sunday here in Australia) and I got six of wands, Strength and the Empress for my weekly spread. I tuned in today (Monday in Aust) to watch your wonderful weekly reading and see, the six of wants, the three of cups, and the Empress. there must have been a Sunday energy in the air. We are in our 6th lockdown here in Melbourne so I think Strength came up to tell me and all of us to hang in there and keep going.

    Thank you for sharing your videos, I try to watch every week – I’m 12 months in to my tarot learning and I find your explanations of the cards really help me to hook into remembering their meanings.

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