Tarot Reading for Aug 23 – 29

My cats were really getting up to sh*t when I was doing this reading, lol! I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot here…

Have a good week 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Aug 23 – 29”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful and clear reading Kate; somehow it rang a lot of bells for me and provided me with food for thought, especially with regards to the 10 of Wands. I am also grateful for your interpretation of the Moon card, which I have always dreaded, since I have associated it with a very bad experience that happened to me a few months back. Whenever I see the Moon card I feel chills running down my spine, but you have given it a more optimistic twist, so thanks for that. Keep up the good work!


    1. I’m so glad my take on The Moon helped you understand that card more and took away some of the fear. I know once we have a negative association with a card, it’s tough to break it!
      Glad this resonated for you, Maria ♥

  2. This weeks reading is mazing, everything you mentioned is exactly me.I had just decided, that I was going to finish one task at a time, when I decided to get on the computer and your reading came to mind, musth have been my intuition telling me to contact you. Thank you FredaGrossman

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