Tarot Reading for July 4 – 10

For this week’s reading I’m using The Elemental Wisdom Tarot by Taroteca Studio…

Have a good week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for July 4 – 10”

  1. Kate, you look like the woman on the Tarot box! That’s so cool! Let’s see your face some more. It gives the reading personality. Tim

  2. Hi Kate.Nice reading for this week.With regard to the Judgement card,and in line with your reading of it.The word ALTERING springs to my mind.Changing course.Many thanks.

  3. …and you did something different yourself Kate….syncronicities ! You shared a different view of yourself in this weeks forecast, rather thank just your hands. May be you’ll do it more often? Thank you for sharing 🙏 Lisa

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