Tarot Reading for July 25 – 31

For this week’s reading I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot and I’m outside on my deck with my cat Henry….


Have a good week!

7 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for July 25 – 31”

  1. I forgot to mention I was also drawn to the pineapple on the beach! LOL …I knew it was significant, but had to look it up. It is a symbol of enlightenment…of waking up! Quoting from a website I found… ‘A person whose crown chakra has ‘figuratively opened’…there is also a link with the cosmic egg, and the matrix. This is linked with the pineal gland and a ‘spray of energy being released from the pineal gland’…amazing what messages are coming through with intriguing signs and symbols don’t you think!? Lisa 😁🐺🐒

  2. Hi Kate, I love the trickling water sound effects this week! Perhaps it’s no coincidence that you have it with this reading…a synchronicity…a sign that we need to create a ripple affect across The World…to change/evolve with the World, which dominates this reading. In the 2 of Wands she is looking directly at the world in her hand, with the stars in the universe visible in the background. To me this is yet another message from the Universe, especially as the next card is The World! And, as you say, the Ace of Swords is about taking action! Swords being the element of Air, and about Thoughts, Communications, Truth, and clarity… represents the awakening of global consciousness across the world which is happening right now. This is yet another call from The Universe to awaken…to raise the mass consciousness of The World, and evolve with Planet Earth as she herself is changing. Looking at the numerology…2 + 3 (2+1) = 5 which represents change…and the Ace (1) is about new beginnings, as is the Number 1 in numerology. It represents creation and the primal force from which all other numbers spring forth. It is time for us to spring forth, take action, and create a ripple affect across the world…sparking a global awakening as The World…Planet Earth ascends, and humanity along with her. Namaste, Lisa 🙏

    1. Hi Kate.Your reading for this week is very appropriate for me,because,today,Monday,I started a new project of researching tarot and psychology.That makes your reading most apt for me.Many thanks.

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