Tarot Reading for Aug 22 – 28

For this week’s reading I’m using The Naked Heart Tarot by Jillian C Wilde…

Have a great week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Aug 22 – 28”

  1. Hi Kate, Spirit still wants me to share, so here goes! Yes, it’s all about LOVE. We come from love, we return to love. The 2 of Cups is about our connection as a whole – you mentioned connection. My first thought was ‘two hearts beat as one’ …THAT is the spiritual message…we are one…the one consciousness. It is now time to realise this, so we can move forward into the new world (the one the ancients prophecised). The stems of the chalices remind me of the two pillars in both the traditional Justice, and Hierophant card, which represent balance, and the hidden knowledge that resides in all of us…and the triangles, on the stems, represent unity and our spiritual journey. The necklace? Well, whoever reads this, can look that one up, but it can also represent wisdom. The Heart, or Queen of Pentacles, is what I think of as the Mother Earth card and, as Kate said, she is very grounded. But I focused on the bison, which represents a show of inner power rising up in a show of power, which is what we are being called to do. Kate mentioned ‘the point of power is in the NOW’ – that’s all there ever is (Eckart Tolle) – but we are being called to act NOW. It represents working together for the good of your tribe – humanity, and the planet, our home. Life’s sacredness. Adapting to regular changing environments. A spiritual connection to the land and earth we live on. We need to restore the balance here on earth, and we have the power to do it. Yes, as Kate said ‘get present and connect’ – then you will be able to raise your vibration and your level of awareness, ready for the new world – one tribe, one consciousness. Roses, around the bison, also symbolize God’s love at work in the world. Lois spotted the eye of Horus on the last card. Yes, or the all seeing eye of God – we are bound to our obligations in spirit as well as in blood. Kate says she wanted to dive into the book – yes, dive into the book of wisdom – your inner wisdom, into the ocean of consciousness. Yes, dive into a book – make it a spiritual book! So, with The Sage/Hierophant – spirit is calling us to study our inner wisdom and grow, in order to rise, to restore the balance on earth, raising consciousness for the new world, where we realise we are all one, and can live in peace and harmony, as it was meant to be. Numerology: Yes, the two triangles and V = 5 = change. Yes, go inward. I suggest, rather than seeking ‘outward’ with the hierophant…seek ‘upward’ as the triangle is open at the top. Green is for GO! And, finally, look at the length of your recording Kate…18:27 = 9 + 9 = 18, which reduces to 9. Nine is the ‘humanity’ number. It is time for humanity to change and raise its consciousness for the new world! 999 Emergency on Planet Earth (now there’s a song by Jamiroquai!) or Archangel Raphael – known as God’s Healer, he represents the power of faith as a method of healing, keeping yourself well, and rejuvenating your life energy when you are lost, anxious, or depressed. Raphael is the divine spirit of 9, and the lessons we learn on our journey through the earthly plane within a physical body that must endure suffering to help us grow…. He is with us now at this crucial time. PHEW! Now there’s a message and a half for you all to digest next week. But don’t just sit there…get on with it! Start doing something to raise your vibration! When you raise your vibration, you not only make yourself feel better, you make the whole world, and the whole universe feel better. This is mass healing folks! Namaste, Lisa

  2. The triangle with the eye in the Sage card looks very much like the Egyptian “Eye of Horus”.

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