Judgement – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive

Welcome to part 21 of my 22 part Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series – each week we explore ONE major arcana card and uncover it’s secrets, symbols and messages.

Today we’re diving into Judgement – a very misunderstood card which seems more serious and terrifying than it actually is. Trust me!

Grab a notebook, pen and a refreshing bevy and settle in…

Keywords: rebirth, new phase, reinventing self/life, rejuvenation, inner or higher calling, awakening

coffins = limitations, old life, old self
arms open wide = open and ready to embrace new experiences
angel with trumpet = higher calling, soul’s calling
red cross = victory flag (victory over death)

Light Side: time to reinvent yourself, listen to your inner calling and start a new chapter in your life. A time of discovery, growth and newfound freedom.

Dark Side: not being able to ignore your inner calling any longer! No turning back after you’ve “awakened”.

1) Rebirth

When Judgement appears, it’s time to reinvent yourself and take a new approach to life, perhaps starting a new phase or chapter. This might follow a big event like a divorce, a birth of a child, losing a loved one, a near death experience, a health crisis, new job or moving to a new place, but not always.

Journalling Questions:

♥ When was the last time to began a new chapter or reinvented yourself?

♥ If you could redesign your life (and self), what would you do differently?

♥ If you could reinvent ONE area of your life, what would it be?

2) Awakening

Judgement is all about the dawning of awareness as you wake up and rise from spiritual slumber, becoming more aware of who you really are and why you’re here.

As self awareness grows, you begin to awaken to your life’s true purpose and discover new parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Sometimes events like the end (or beginning) of a relationship, death or other life crises can instigate this waking up process, but not always.

Awakening can happen in many arenas such as the spiritual, sexual, creative, psychic, etc.

Journalling Questions:

♥ When did you last experience an awakening? It could be a sexual, spiritual or psychic awakening or a sudden awareness and clarity about your life’s purpose. Or something else entirely.

♥ How did that awakening change your life?

3) Inner / Higher Calling

At certain times we feel called or pulled in a certain direction – to take a particular path or to make certain changes and take specific actions. These can be big, like quitting your job, moving to a new location or having a child or they can be small, like signing up for a class, reaching out to a friend or picking up a particular book.

Hearing this calling involves getting still and quiet and listening to our intuition. It also involves trust, taking a leap of faith and taking action.

We are always guided throughout our lives, whether it’s your Higher Self, spirit guides, ancestors or God, it’s important to find a way to tune into this higher guidance so that you can live an inspired life!

Journalling Questions:

♥ When in your life have you felt a strong calling and followed it? What happened?

♥ What do you feel called to do right now? What direction is pulling you?

The Wisdom of Judgement

Judgement tells us to wake up and listen to our deep, inner calling. Shake the sleepiness and earthly distractions our of your head and pay attention to the soft, quiet voice of your soul which is always guiding you. Doing so will allow you to discover who you are and why you’re here and begin a new, inspired chapter of your life.

Let me know in the comments below… when was the last memorable “Judgement” phase of your life that allowed you to re-design and re-invent your life (or a part of your life)?

Join me next week as we dive into the very last Major Arcana card…The World!

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4 thoughts on “Judgement – Tarot Meaning Deep Dive”

  1. Another excellent message for any time in your life. So often things happen that we don’t realize are significant. Life is so full of changes and we aren’t aware of the opportunities that have opened up because we’re so caught up in our everyday patterns. Thanks for the reminder to be aware of and act on reinventing ourselves when we’re reawakened. Your videos always make me pause to stop and take look inside to reflect on where I’m at and what else I could be doing.

  2. Meredith Mercer

    I am so glad you followed you inner calling to make all of your Tarot videos and start your business. You are inspiring me and helping me “awaken”. Thank you Kate!

  3. I am reading/listening to this as I turn 51. It is an excellent guide on how to reflect and maintain sanity, when self critique is around every corner. Thank you for sharing.

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