Tarot Reading for Aug 29 – Sept 4

For this week’s reading I’m out on my deck with my cat Henry and we’re serenaded by the sounds of power saws and ambulance sirens. Big city living at it’s finest! Aaaand….I’m using the Robin Wood Tarot

Have a good week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Aug 29 – Sept 4”

  1. Hi Kate, lovely to see your cat Henry joining in! Here’s my take if anyone’s interested. The first card is a Court Card – Swords/Air/Thought/Brain- and the knight/horse is charging to the left – the logical side of your brain. The right side of your brain is about creativity, intuition and spirituality. Your soul is calling you to take mental action- you mentioned the suit represents the power of thought – yes – conscious thought. Move away from logic for a moment, and take some time out to explore spirit. The second card – 4 of Cups – shows a man, possibly bored, and feeling like he’s missing something in his life – yes, he feels lost and empty because he has not found his spiritual connection – the balance between physical and spiritual -I think of a pantomime audience shouting the obvious – it’s behind you! Or rather, within you! Cups being the element of water, also representing love – we come from the source energy of love and light…the cosmic ocean, which flows through us. The fourth cup is shining brightly behind him, like a beacon…the sun…light/love…connection to source/the universe/God (whatever you want to call it). That is what is missing in his life and, when he finds it, he will feel whole. The 6 of Wands shows him riding the horse to the right – the opposite direction to the first card. Success is through the right side of the brain, where he will rekindle a burning passion (wands = Fire) when he finds the light/truth – he holds a banner with the sun/light on it. Numerology 4 + 6 = 10 …one cycle – the old cycle, or way of thinking, is complete, ended. Number 10 reduces to 1…he starts a new journey in the light with the number 1. When we all feel whole, we will be able to live in peace and harmony with each other and restore the balance to planet earth. This is THE MESSAGE from spirit right now as mass consciousness and awakening is happening. It is crunch time…don’t we know it! So why not open your mind to explore spirituality and wake up the world for the sake of humanity, planet earth and the universe. Namaste, Lisa 🙏

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