Tarot Reading for October 17 – 23

October (my fave month!) is in full swing and I just couldn’t me more excited about the messages that came through in this reading ♥ I’m using the lovely Green Glyphs Tarot here….

Have a good week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for October 17 – 23”

  1. Just have to add something interesting….notice the central object in all cards is orange. The symbol on the stone has many meanings among which is freedom, and the global fight for a New World. And the way to achieve it? The starseeds that incarnated on earth, now need to step forward into their light and shine in the darkness…to help humanity rise in consciousness.
    Namaste beautiful souls…get to work lightworkers! ✨💫✨💫✨💫✨💫✨💫

  2. Hi Kate, if you’re interested in the cosmic perspective, here it is. It is time for your viewers to glow in the dark! There is divine humour as always in these cards! I love it. The powerful, brilliant Sun, flanked by knights/night. It stands out though doesn’t it? The only Major Arcana card right in the middle of the action (knights)… in the spotlight! Body, mind, spirit. Spirit front and centre, flanked by Earth and Air….representing body and mind. Humanity has been very slow (Knight of Stones/Pentacles) in coming out of its shell – hermit crab – in realising that it is not just a body and mind. It needs to burst the bubbles of illusion, shown in the background of this card! The Sun is shining brilliantly over the mountain tops; the hermit (another pun) has to go up the mountain to become wise, where he/she becomes en-light-ened! Then he/she is supposed to come back down the mountain to share the wisdom. Yes, when you shine your light – reflect your true brilliance – abundance will follow… abundance for all…for the whole world…and, as this is the cosmic perspective, for the benefit of the whole universe! Yes, you should come out of your shell now, and express your true authentic self – be the beacon of light that you truly are in the world – a spark from the sun…from source/creator – your soul shining out of the darkness/knights/night. The Knight of Swords – AIR/Thoughts/consciousness is depicted like a star, with other swords – of truth – shining examples, like stars in the dark background. It is time to step forward into YOUR power….into your light…become a star…The moon in the background? Listen to your intuition…your heart and soul…and “focus your mind” (start meditating!) and you will receive, and know, the answer…the truth. Your soul has stepped forward into the LIMELIGHT…finally I find the connection to Green Glyphs! LOL …freed itself of the confines of your body and mind, and rediscovered it’s true power…you are a spiritual being of light energy in a physical body, and the time to remember is now, so that humanity can shift to a higher level of consciousness, and we can live in peace and harmony and restore the balance on planet earth. It certainly is time to “create change” as Kate said at the very beginning…the time to step out of your comfort zone is NOW! You are a star! You are light! You are consciousness embodied. Switch on the light, and the darkness is no longer scary! Halloween is coming up…go on, I dare you…in fact I double dare you! 🎃🎃💀💀👻👻

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