Tarot Reading for Oct 24 – 30

Here is your Tarot forecast for the week ahead, using the Everyday Witch Tarot

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  1. OK guys, this could be another long one, however it is important to provide the global and cosmic perspective for this reading! Not to take anything away from Kate’s interpretation, but rather add to it. Bearing in mind the word ‘SPACE’ pops up a lot during the video – ‘holding space’ and ‘spaciousness’ – and Sandyi also uses it in her comment ‘create a space’ ! This is the humour coming through from spirit! It’s about the ‘bigger picture’ and our place in the cosmos, and I also encourage you to watch NASA Down To Earth on You Tube (20 minutes).

    The Hermit (9) shows a female taking time out in Mother Nature. She is gazing into the flames, the light. She is becoming en-lightened…her consciousness is rising. This is the same message coming through from spirit with each of Kate’s readings recently. This is not just about ‘every day’ life guys – this is global! Time to get serious, which is why I leave these comments! I don’t want to P**S Kate off, stealing her thunder, but it really is an important message. This is about our future, and it is time to change, to wake up and smell the roses. Now there’s the link to Kate’s rosy cheeks and rose-printed top! Kate says The Hermit encourages us to move inward. Yes, you can raise your consciousness by regular mediation practice, but also doing simple things that make you happy – as Kate said ‘Less is more’. Happiness is a conscious choice. Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice! Thinking negatively, or positively, is a choice, which leads nicely to the Suit of Air and thoughts! Another 9 – 9 of Swords. The mental crap – the ego mind – which has been veiling the truth. The female in the picture is torturing herself and has allowed her imagination to keep her trapped, in that room – that space – but the robin on the windowsill shows that all along she has the choice to fly, she has the key to true freedom, she is not really trapped. Our thoughts create our reality…and affect the whole world! It is time to fly beautiful souls! Mother Nature is showing us the way with the robin poised to fly. Leave the confines of your mind. It is a choice to remained trapped, or to free yourself from ego. Kate mentioned the ‘big picture’ – yes, this is where we are at guys. Time to open your minds to the truth of all that is…the cosmic ocean of one consciousness…which leads us nicely into the Queen of Cups – water/emotions/love. It is time to open your heart. Yes, to ‘tap into your intuition’ – now there’s another pun – TAP – turn on your tap – tap into your soul (Court Card) – let the water of your soul flow through you, find out who you really are – you are light – which returns nicely in a circle/cycle back to the Hermit looking into the flames. It’s all about light and love – source energy. And when you wake up from the darkness and see the light, then you will be transformed – as indicated by the frog in the background of Kate’s video! This reminds me of the story of the princess and the frog. The reality was that the frog was a prince, and it just took one kiss from her to transform him. It’s similar to The Beauty and The Beast – a heartfelt story about the birth of love and the capability of love to transform the way you look at people you love. When we remember we are, in essence, the energy of light…of love…the source from which we are born…the cosmic ocean…we are all one…then we will be able to live in peace and harmony and restore the balance on Earth. As Kate pointed out, the Queen is pregnant – again, rather apt, as we are ‘Birthing a New World’ and we are born out of our mother’s waters and take our first inhale of air (9 of Swords) and begin our journey to remember who we really are, and see beyond the illusion (9 of Swords). Notice the dominant colours in the cards; blues and greens, the colour of our beautiful planet ‘Gaia’ or The Blue Jewel. Mother Earth certainly is a jewel and she is crying out for help…to be loved. I have been saying that women are going to save the world. They are the nurturers. And it’s all about the Sacred Feminine guys! We are indeed ‘Birthing A New World’…I encourage you to visit Humanitysteam.com and get to work, because the clock is ticking!

    Sandyi, you are probably going through the birthing pains that the whole world is experiencing. Empaths are also experiencing a variety of uncomfortable symptoms related to the ascension DNA code activation. You could say I’ve been a hermit this past week, as I immersed myself in Humanitys Team Global Oneness Summit – ‘Birthing A New World’ – watching EVERY DAY for 10 days. How appropriate that the tarot deck you use is the Every Day Witch! And Peggy Lebo performed live, singing a beautiful song called ‘Every Day’ – look it up and listen, it is really inspiring…she says ‘making a commitment to oneness is all about making a commitment to love, every day. WOW – how about that for syncronicities!
    Gaia sends us all a message; the cards flow beautifully, from The Hermit enjoying the solitude of Mother Nature…to the robin encouraging us to fly, and the pregnant female waiting for her waters to break! Even the dolphins in the distance represent spiritual rebirth. Time to reconnect with your spirit folks!

    Numerology: 9 + 9 = 18 ……1 + 8 = 9 ….it’s all about 9s! 9 is all about humanitarianism, and represents Archangel Raphael no less, who is also The Healer – we are all healing; we have to heal ourselves before we can heal the world.

  2. Kate ,
    You really hit the nail on the head , I so needed this message .
    I have not been on for readings in a couple of months today my guides led me to you
    And what a whammy , I have been waking up endless nights and first morning thoughts of a situation , that has been haunting me for months , this morning I woke up and said I need to find a another thought , create a space , and then this reading VALIDATED, what my guides have been trying to tell me . . Thank you ?
    Also where did you get that delightful painting of the lady behind you ?
    Blessings to you .

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