Tarot Reading for Oct 31 – Nov 6

Happy Halloween!!!!! For this week’s reading, I’m using the Trick or Treat Tarot by Barbara Moore, which was recently gifted to me by one of my Tarot students, Julie, who expertly edged all the cards in orange, making this deck extra special to me šŸ™‚

If you’d like Julie to edge your deck for you, she can be reached at tweettarot@att.net

Have a good week!

4 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Oct 31 – Nov 6”

  1. Hi Kate, I couldnā€™t agree more! Itā€™s all about LIGHT. The 3 of Cups = celebration and FUN. A lovely picture of women around a cauldron creating magicā€¦birthing a new worldā€¦a brighter future! What could be more reason to celebrate than that! I noticed the smoke looks like a number 2. So, just for fun, I added them together; 3 + 2 = 5 = CHANGE in numerology. The King of Pentacles is portrayed here as, you say, like the big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood – but the wolf power animal represents many things, including conquering your fears and using your intuition. The wolf is focused on the pentacle/pentagram – the five-pointed star – which, as well as representing earth, is also a spiritual symbol; love, light, unity, enlightenment, the quest for divine knowledge. His eyeballs are literally popping out! This King may be master on earth, but HE – masculine – has missed the pointā€¦the bright light above his head. There is a picnic basket on the floor with bread sticking out. He is about to be eaten, if you read on – ride onā€¦riding hoodā€¦get it? It will become clear. Although pentacles represents earth and material things, the message here is, clearly, not to focus on the physical, but to focus on the spiritual – the LIGHT. Then the 3 of Pentacles is about coming together to work on a common thing – yes, we all need to find the spark within usā€¦.reconnect with our inner childā€¦lighten up and have fun. Playā€¦make scarecrows togetherā€¦but know that they are not really scary. Itā€™s an illusion, make-believeā€¦a mask, like the veil of darkness. Life is a game and we are all taking it too seriously! We need to return to JOYā€¦to uplift our thoughts and raise our consciousnessā€¦ so we can come through the darkness into the light and live in peace and harmony. I mentioned the bread in the basket because, yet again, we have another sandwich metaphor! The divine knowledge is the filling, with dark cards either side. Trick or treat? Have you missed a trick? Yes! We have been living in the dark. Go on, treat yourself, I dare you! After all itā€™s Halloween! You must be hungry for CHANGE? Eat the sandwich, donā€™t eat the sandwich. Stay in darkness and fear or devour the lightā€¦take your ā€˜fillā€™ of the divine, which is actually inside youā€¦digest the sandwichā€¦find the light withinā€¦re-light your fire! Take a step up the ladder in the last cardā€¦ascend towards the lightā€¦and, if we all do it, we will literally glow in the darkā€¦beacons of light showing the way to a better, brighter future. You knowā€¦.pumpkins represent the world. Humans are the seeds inside, yet we are oneā€¦one big pumpkinā€¦and, when carved out and filled with candles on the Day of the Deadā€¦they shine a light in the darknessā€¦glowing from within!

    I know itā€™s another long one, but I looked up the story of Little Red Riding Hood which basically represents the sacred feminine within man. NOW is all about the Sacred feminine. Crunch time – take a bite of the sandwich – Women are the bread and butter – top and bottom – and they need to shine their light in the darknessā€¦rise up and feed the world with their love and light, while the men take a seat for a change! Let the women be the masters and show the way, and the men wonā€™t believe their eyes! They will realise they have missed a TRICK – not seeing the light – and are in for a TREAT with the amazing show that women are about to perform! Lightsā€¦camerasā€¦action! Let the fun beginā€¦stars are about to be born! Namaste,, Lisa šŸ™

  2. Hello Kate,
    So happy I found your blog. I so enjoyed this reading and, as I’m sure yu already know, there is no coincidence and this reading is so pertinent to me right now. I’m a tarot reader for many years and am about to launch a new avenue to explore with my tarot.
    This was a wonderfully fun reading for the week and I am inspired.

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