Tarot Reading for May 8 – 14

Make yourself a cup of tea, cozy up to the screen and join me as I draw three cards for the week ahead! I’m using the Ember and Aura Tarot here…

Join me on Saturday, May 6th @ 1pm PDT as I sit down with Will from the Atypical Tarot YouTube channel. We’ll be live on my channel, chatting Tarot and drawing cards, so come on by and maybe get a reading from us!

Have a good week 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for May 8 – 14”

  1. i cannot believe how accurate this reading was for last week. Too much to do, took it on and felt exhausted. Involved lots of others. Where were you last week?

  2. Hi daily TCG
    I was looking for the link to download the sheet you mentioned at the end of your video but don’t see it……..can you pls email me it?….Thank you!……….Luvvvvvvvvvvvv the video…….

  3. in a sense 9cups (the negative aspect is solitude as you said and the tree is isolated on an island and in traditional RW the content man is sitting alone with all those cups behind him) and 3 pentacles are somehow contradictory – cooperation and working together. Uh, and the 10wands – there’s a lot to carry 🙂 And all three together …. perhaps 9cups and 3 coins are finding the right balance between solitude and cooperation and adding 10wands yeah it is hard to find that “right” balance.

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