May 2023

20 Hot Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards….TODAY!

Journalling with the Modern Love Tarot!

Are you ready? It’s time for a date….with your Tarot deck!

If you’ve been wanting to read Tarot for yourself but don’t know what to ask OR your so bored of always asking the same stale questions like what do I need to know right now?…I created this list just for you!

So light some candles and pour yourself a glass of wine….

Or if the weather’s nice, take your deck, notebook and pen to the park or to an outdoor cafe and get ready to have some fun!


20 Hot Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck…TODAY!

1. Which Tarot card best represents me right now?

2. What is my purpose for TODAY?

3. What will help me feel energized and motivated today? Or this week?

4. What will help me get organized this week?

5. What’s getting in my way right and slowing me down right now?

6. What action or new habit will help me the most?

7. How can I improve my sleep quality?

8. Which of my talents, skills or abilities do I need to share with the world more?

9. How can I feel more calm and grounded today?

10. How can I be more creative today?

11. What should I write about today?

12. How can I have more fun today?

13. Something nice I can do for myself today is….

14. Something nice I can do for someone in my life today is….

15. What part of me needs more love and attention?

16. What part of me wants to express itself more?

17. What will make me a better Tarot reader?

18. How can I have more fun when I read Tarot?

19. How can I connect more deeply to my intuition?

20. How can I connect more deeply with my Tarot deck?

Save this list!


Reading Tips:

♥ Draw anywhere from 1 - 3 cards per question
♥ Choose ONE word per card and explore how it relates to the question
♥ Spend some time journalling about each card you get

Want more?

BOOM! Here's 20 more questions to ask your Tarot cards...TONIGHT!

Share your experience!

Which questions did you chose to explore and what card(s) did you get? I'd love to hear about it! Tell me in the comments below...

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Tarot Reading for May 8 – 14

Make yourself a cup of tea, cozy up to the screen and join me as I draw three cards for the week ahead! I’m using the Ember and Aura Tarot here…

Join me on Saturday, May 6th @ 1pm PDT as I sit down with Will from the Atypical Tarot YouTube channel. We’ll be live on my channel, chatting Tarot and drawing cards, so come on by and maybe get a reading from us!

Have a good week 🙂

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