20 Hot Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards….TODAY!

Journalling with the Modern Love Tarot!

Are you ready? It’s time for a date….with your Tarot deck!

If you’ve been wanting to read Tarot for yourself but don’t know what to ask OR your so bored of always asking the same stale questions like what do I need to know right now?…I created this list just for you!

So light some candles and pour yourself a glass of wine….

Or if the weather’s nice, take your deck, notebook and pen to the park or to an outdoor cafe and get ready to have some fun!


20 Hot Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck…TODAY!

1. Which Tarot card best represents me right now?

2. What is my purpose for TODAY?

3. What will help me feel energized and motivated today? Or this week?

4. What will help me get organized this week?

5. What’s getting in my way right and slowing me down right now?

6. What action or new habit will help me the most?

7. How can I improve my sleep quality?

8. Which of my talents, skills or abilities do I need to share with the world more?

9. How can I feel more calm and grounded today?

10. How can I be more creative today?

11. What should I write about today?

12. How can I have more fun today?

13. Something nice I can do for myself today is….

14. Something nice I can do for someone in my life today is….

15. What part of me needs more love and attention?

16. What part of me wants to express itself more?

17. What will make me a better Tarot reader?

18. How can I have more fun when I read Tarot?

19. How can I connect more deeply to my intuition?

20. How can I connect more deeply with my Tarot deck?

Save this list!


Reading Tips:

β™₯ Draw anywhere from 1 - 3 cards per question
β™₯ Choose ONE word per card and explore how it relates to the question
β™₯ Spend some time journalling about each card you get

Want more?

BOOM! Here's 20 more questions to ask your Tarot cards...TONIGHT!

Share your experience!

Which questions did you chose to explore and what card(s) did you get? I'd love to hear about it! Tell me in the comments below...

12 thoughts on “20 Hot Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards….TODAY!”

  1. You are such a sweetheart Kate. All your posts are extremely valuable and knowledgeable for beginners like me. It makes our path easier and simpler. Thanks a ton Kate for all your articles as they help a lot. God bless you with more power.

  2. Great list for someone, like me, who can never think of a burning question. Life is good and I always hesitate to rock the boat. Thanks, Kate.

  3. Angela J Elliott

    You are so generous with your tarot knowledge and advice.
    Many thanks, and I really appreciate all you do for the tarot community.
    You have helped me make progress in my reading skills.
    And have been helpful with the readings I have received from you, too.
    Please don’t stop!
    Blessings galore — Angela Elliott

  4. What a fantastic list of questions to ask your Tarot deck! I love how these questions offer a fresh and invigorating approach to Tarot readings, steering away from the usual repetitive inquiries. It’s refreshing to see such a diverse range of topics covered, from personal growth and motivation to self-care and enhancing Tarot reading skills.

    These questions truly encourage introspection and self-discovery. They provide an opportunity to delve into different aspects of our lives and explore how we can cultivate positivity, creativity, and connection. I particularly appreciate the focus on self-care and nurturing relationships, as it reminds us of the importance of both self-love and extending kindness to others.

    Moreover, the suggestions to take the Tarot practice outdoors or create a cozy atmosphere with candles and a glass of wine add an element of ambiance and mindfulness to the experience. It’s wonderful to see how you encourage readers to engage with their Tarot deck in a way that sparks joy and excitement.

  5. Hi Kate! Exactly what I needed! Have been feeling exhausted and jaded and totally disinterested in nearly everything and anything! Thanks for your perseverance and interest in everybody who matters to you! Hope you are well and happy and doing the things that you love!

  6. THis is just what I’ve been needing lately! Thank you for this list! I plan to sit down and work with my cards tonight. More to follow! Ask and you shall receive!…. πŸ™‚

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