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Unboxing Zeke’s Arcana Tarot Cards!

Join me as I unbox Zeke’s Arcana – a vibrant, otherworldly Tarot deck that is surely one of the most unique decks in my Tarot collection!


At the time of making this video, this deck is still in it’s kickstarter phase:

Zeke’s Arcana succeeds at being wildly trippy and colourful while also being very readable and easy to work with.

The artwork, done by Julia of Zeke’s Lunchbox, is fascinating and sometimes bizarre, which really shakes your intuition awake and makes you look at the images, instead of just going through the motions of a reading.

I have to say that I was surprised by how quickly I’ve formed a connection with these cards – while I liked the look of this deck from the start, it isn’t the usual style I’m drawn to, so I was curious how it would read…

On my first reading (which I do near the end of this video), it was like the cards could read my mind! It really felt like I was having a conversation with someone who is really clear and direct – it was almost eerie, but in a good way 🙂

If you want to see more of this deck, check out the artist’s website and  YouTube channel – she’s got some really fun art videos and videos showcasing her Tarot deck.

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Tarot Reading for Feb 27 – Mar 5

For this week’s reading I’m using my new copy of Zeke’s Arcana. You might remember me doing an unboxing of this deck a few months ago, but I just received the finished copy (the one I had before was a sample copy and didn’t have all the finished cards) and it is such a perfect Springtime deck – so much juicy, rich, bright colours!!!

So let’s see what wisdom, ideas and advice the cards have for us this week…..

Purchase Zeke’s Arcana here:
*Use discount code TAROTGIRL10 to get 10% off this deck 🙂

Have a good week 🙂


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