March 2016

Tarot Reading for March 28 – April 3

I can’t believe that March is almost over! Whaaat?! For this reading I am using the Shadowscapes Tarot and as always…..I invite you to look at these cards, mute my voice (something my partner wishes he could do) and see what comes up for you. What do you notice? Any repeating themes in the cards? What stands out?

As I was putting this video up I had a brainwave. I rarely ever tie my readings into time of year or holidays or events. I don’t know why, but I always forget. It’s my intention to get better at doing this. I think seasons and lunar phases effect us and I want to start tying stuff like that into my readings more. Just wanted to put it in writing so I don’t forget!

Have a wonderful week 🙂

The Daily Tarot Girl

Find your own definition of “sexy”

veronica 2Veronica is my nefarious Tarot reading twin – she’s just like me except she drinks all day, loves offending people and honestly….she has way more fun! Let’s see what ridiculous advice she has for us today…

druidcraft tarot the star
Druidcraft Tarot

A few months ago I stopped shaving my armpits. Why? Because I think it’s sexy.

Although no one else does. Yet.

But just you wait – I think I’m onto something.

My point is this – The Star is all about relaxed sensuality, going with the forces of nature and just being all round chill.

My armpit hair wants to grow, so I let it. Go with the flow and don’t try to fight nature.

Our lame, predictable society tells us that we must constantly fight against nature in order to be sexy – like waxing all your body hair off, slathering nasty antiperspirant on your pits and ….well, come to think of it, most of this violence is against armpits.

Anyhow, not doing this stuff is a small act of rebellion and it feels divine! I’m not saying you should be hairy and smelly – maybe that’s not your thing, but just let go a little, don’t fight your body so much….

Even though we can’t really see it, I’m willing to be The Star has armpit hair…in fact, I’d bet my left pit stain on it!

Review of the 78 Tarot Nautical

The 78 Tarot Nautical ~ Tarot of the Water, is a Global Art Collaboration deck. This Kickstarter funded deck is an 81 card deck (there are three wild cards), with each card being created by a different artist.

The deck comes with a little white book with all the card meanings, but you can opt to purchase a more detailed and fully illustrated companion book (more on that in a sec!)


  • Variety! Since each card is by a different artist, this deck never gets boring.
  • Many of these cards beg to be contemplated (like The Devil)
  • Images are vibrant, alive and really POP!
  • Slightly bigger card sizes allow you to engage more with the images
  • The nautical theme!


  • Because there is such variety, not all the art styles appeal to me
  • If I wanted to get nitpicky I could say that the big cards are hard to shuffle, but honestly I’d rather have bigger cards with this deck

I started thinking about this deck when it was on it’s way to me through the mail. I sometimes get a bit of a ladyboner for nautical themed stuff like mermaids, pirates and ships and so I pretty much peed my pants when I found out there was a new nautical themed Tarot deck!

3 of cups

On the day it arrived I was taking out the garbage in the pouring rain when this tattooed dude pulled up to the curb in a white van with gangsta rap blaring and asked “are you Kate?”

My first instinct was to run, but then I realized it was just the new postman and he was carrying my 78 Tarot Nautical deck!!!!! EEEEE! I ran inside, got comfy by the crackling fire and slowly looked through this deck.

There’s something special about going through a deck for the first time – it’s almost like discovering a new lover. Anyway, this deck was a real treat to browse through and so many of the cards – like Death, The Devil, The Moon and many others – really beg to be sat with and contemplated.

Because this deck features 81 different artists, there is a wide variety of artistic styles. I didn’t love all the cards – some resonated with me more than others, but I loved the variety of each card and all the unique ways the artists chose to portray their card. If you’re prone to quickly getting bored of your Tarot decks (like me – that’s why I have about a million!) then you’ll appreciate the diversity found in this deck.

When there are so many different artists involved, the deck runs the risk of feeling disjointed and incongruent, but I didn’t find this to be true for the 78 Nautical Tarot. The nautical theme is very present in each and every card and this seems to link all the cards together and give them a feel of connectivity. While it could feel like each card is from a totally different deck, it really doesn’t.

ace of wands

The deck comes with a very adequate LWB (little white book) that gives you the card meanings, but you do have the option to purchase a limited edition, hardcover companion book which is full color. This book is gorgeous and includes each artist’s explanation of their card – the LWB doesn’t have this bit.

It costs quite a bit extra to get this companion book and so if you’re wondering if you really need it or not, I will be totally honest with you: you don’t need it. If you are a deck collector and an art lover then you will appreciate this book and treasure it, but it isn’t an absolute must in order to do great readings with the deck.

I don’t know if my words so far have really captured the fact that this is a real gem of a deck – it’s beautiful, special and magical. The cards invite you to meditate on them to jump into them and explore. I always learn something new about Tarot each time I see how an artist has depicted a certain card in a different way and this deck is no exception.

Buy this deck if…

  • You want to be the envy of all your Tarot friends!
  • You are a deck collector – this is a must have deck to add to your collection
  • Like me, you get bored quickly and need a versatile deck that’s full of variety
  • You are looking for a fresh and modern deck that will make you think

You can purchase and find out more about the 78 Tarot Nautical deck right here.

Group gift? Group off!

VeronicaVeronica is my evil Tarot reading twin. She’s here for a good time….for a long time…and she doesn’t care what others think. She goes topless on Canadian beaches (where everyone’s a prude), naps freely and thinks a mojito is a “green drink”….

four of pentacles
Housewives Tarot

Here’s a true story. The other day I was approached by a well meaning person who was organizing a “group gift” for an acquaintance who is getting married. Since I dislike marriage almost as much as I dislike buying other people gifts, I opted out.

My good twin Kate said “that’s terrible, everyone will think you’re a cold hearted bitch!”

To which I replied “but I am, so who cares?”

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Golly gosh, I wish I could be like Veronica and tell people to suck it when they ask for gift money, but I’m not a cold bitch, so I can’t.”

That’s where you’re wrong.

Inside everyone is a cold hearted bitch who doesn’t give two shits about Sandy in accounting getting married or Suzie having a baby. And why would you? That crap’s boring.

It’s time to let that part of yourself out of its cage for once. Sure, everyone might remember you as the one person who didn’t contribute to the group wedding gift, but NOBODY will remember you if you cough up the twenty bucks….and your self respect.

Be memorable, be a bitch… and save your pennies for a new sex toy or a bottle of Organic Prosecco. Your Self Respect will thank you.