May 2015

The REAL reason you feel so f**king bored!

VeronicaVeronica is my evil twin/alter ego and she’s here to day to share her diabolical Tarot wisdom with you…..

tarot of the pagan cats
Tarot of Pagan Cats

This Four of Cups Tarot card shows one seriously bored pussy! Look closely and you’ll see a turtle delivering a cup to her, but she’s all like “meh”.

Are you feeling a little bored today? How about numb? Are you feeling blah or just simply unenthused at the predictable monotony that has somehow become your daily life?

Here’s a secret that I just figured out the other day. Boredom and apathy often show up when you want to say or do something but end up saying or doing something else instead because, well, others want you to. OR you just don’t have the guts to be your authentic self in that moment.

For example, maybe your authentic self really wanted to sprint naked through dewy fields this morning and then commune with the flowers on your sundeck while you sipped strawberry tea and ate white chocolate and raspberry scones…..

But your inauthentic self said NO! and instead you grudgingly pulled on your polyester uniform and trudged off to your customer service job where you are forced to be polite to assholes all day long.

So of course your bored! But that boredom and numbness is actually masking a deep sadness, which in turn is masking a volcanic rage….rage at not allowing yourself to do the things you truly want to do in this lifetime.

So take a moment to reflect and ask yourself “what do I really, truly want to do today?” and find a way to make it happen in some small way – even if it means prancing nude past your neighbors spiritually castrated shrubbery.

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