November 2015

A Faptastic Suggestion from Veronica

veronica 2

My evil twin Veronica was feeling lazy today, so she’s recycling an old reading she did over a year ago….but oh my God, it’s one of my favorites! I hope you like it too….

10 of rods
Hezicos Tarot

Ah yes! The Ten of Rods (aka Ten of Wands) – a warning for you to plug your ears to the siren call of wanting more.

Here’s a depressing equation:

feeling empty + wanting more = taking on lots of  responsibilities, roles, hobbies and friends to make your life more meaningful and important + realizing your still empty, but now your also exhausted = resentment x 100

I was always crappy at math, so the above equation may not make sense to you, but that’s not the point.

The point is, all your roles and duties will only weigh you down on the adventure of life!

Do you know someone who is always informing you of all the different roles they play? For example, a friend who says shit like “I’m a wife, mother, sister, chef, girl guide leader, janitor, blah, blah, blah” and you all you can think is holy fuck, when do you have time to fap?

While the Urban Dictionary defines the term fap as “the onomatopoeic representation of masturbation”, I would like to extend that definition to include all activities that are pleasurable but ultimately serve no purpose – like watching Entertainment Tonight, googling hot celebrities, organizing your nail polish collection – stuff like that.

Make time to fap. A life without adequate fap time will only foster resentment.

Halloween Special!

The Most Rebellious Way to Read Tarot….EVER!

Are you tired of reading Tarot in the same old, tired, boring way? Are you ready to kick things up a notch and read outside the box?

You know how you shuffle the deck and then randomly choose some cards? Scrap that!

There’s a new, cheeky way to read Tarot and I want you to give it a go. But first, some background….

The other night I was getting ready to give myself a Tarot reading and I thought “I hope I don’t get any shitty cards.”

I had just had a particularly uninspiring day and I wanted to perk myself up.

Then an epiphany slammed into my brain!

What if I just chose the cards I wanted?

So I did.

I picked the three cards I really, really wanted. The Empress, The Magician and the Ace of Cups.

tarot reading crystal visions
Crystal Visions Tarot

These cards symbolize the kind of energy I want to bring into my life – creativity, power, magic and fulfillment!

Okay – I want you to stop right now, get your Tarot deck and choose the 3 cards that you would just LOVE to get in a reading. Like your 3 favorite cards or the 3 cards that really sum up what you want to draw into your life right now.

Now, look at each card one by one and ask yourself these questions:

  1. How am I already like this card?
  2. What activities or things help me feel like this card?
  3. How would I like this card to show up in my life right now?
  4. What can I do – today- to create more of this in my life?
  5. Is there anything that might stop me from doing this and how will I overcome it?

Here is a little sample of how I did this exercise for the first card….

How am I already like this card?

When I looked at The Empress I reminded myself that I am creative (I like arts and crafts!) and I can be nurturing sometimes (like with my houseplants).

What activities or things help me feel like this card?

Painting helps me feel creative and relaxed, just like The Empress and spending time in the kitchen making tasty things feels very nurturing.

How would I like this card to show up in my life right now?

I would to be able to relax more and feel abundant, like everything is unfolding and happening in the way it needs to and all I need to do is hold the space for things to flourish, instead of feeling like I have to do, do, do, push, push, push.

What can I do – today –  to create more of this in my life?

Practice meditation! I always forget to do this. And make time to paint at least once a week.

Is there anything that might stop me from doing this and how will I overcome it?

I might tell myself that I don’t have time and there are other things that should take priority – like doing homework, working on creating my Tarot course or doing laundry. I will overcome this by writing my painting or meditation date into my calendar each week and then maybe inviting a friend to join me (so I can’t waffle and do laundry instead!)


Doing this exercise with your Tarot cards might actually create real change! This exercise isn’t for wimps, so don’t attempt this unless your ready to become a fearless, deep diving Tarot explorer 😉

Tying it together….

Now that you’ve drilled down each card individually, take a step back and look at these cards as a whole. Do you noticed any similarities between the cards? Any repeating symbols, colors, suits or numbers?

Repeating patterns are your subconscious’ way of getting your attention and communicating something super-secret and important to you!

For example, I notice that there are lots of wings in my three cards – butterflies, a dragonfly and birds. What do wings represent for me? Freedom!

So there is some message here about breaking free or feeling free – and if I choose to go deeper into the reading I can contemplate this a bit more and maybe journal about it. But I’m lazy right now, so I think I’ll just go watch Mad Men and eat a vanilla bean chocolate bar…’s from the health food store so it doesn’t count as junk food 😉

Share your results!

I’d love to hear from you!! Please feel free to share your cards and your epiphanies in the comments below….

Why you should stop being so nice all the time…

veronica 2

International Woman of Leisure by day, whipcracking Tarot Reader by night! Veronica is my evil twin and she took a quick break from eating bon bons to write you this tidbit of tasty advice….so take it!

Housewives Tarot

Do you notice how the “bad boys” get all the love?

And how the nice guys in their pastel turtleneck sweaters fail to set your loins aflame?

What if James Bond became an insurance salesman and stopping killing people and leaping across rooftops?

You would need to re-cast someone else in your sex fantasies.

And if you think this only applies to men and not women your dead wrong. Guys love bitches!

Remember Betty and Veronica? Betty was nice, considerate and…..had no worshipers falling at her feet, unlike Veronica, the mean, cold, selfish one.

So don’t be afraid to be a bit of a dick today. Be a little bit dangerous. Complain about your lukewarm soup! Refuse to donate to that boring charity! Sneer at all the cute boys you see today!

Whatever you do, just don’t be nice, for God’s sake!


Leisure is not a four letter C word!

veronica 2

International Woman of Leisure by day, whipcracking Tarot Reader by night! Veronica is my evil twin and she took a quick break from eating bon bons to write you this tidbit of tasty advice….so take it!

Morgan Greer Tarot

Here’s the deal. Leisure is not a four letter C word. In fact, it’s a seven letter L word. Kind of like “love” but so, so much better.

I’m going to be balls to the wall honest with you…I am a woman of leisure.

I don’t just love reading filthy “romance” novels on the beach, sipping spiked hot chocolate on a lazy rainy day and napping through a yoga class – I fight tooth and nail to make these activities a substantial part of my day.

Some women look down their nose at me for this because deep down they fear that the rapidly fraying social fabric will suddenly split if they stop whizzing around aimlessly in minivans and washing duvet covers and stuff….while simultaneously wishing that it would!

Leisure time has become so taboo in our crap “culture” that admitting to spending an entire afternoon watching incense smoke curl in the sunlight while birds chirp is the quickest way to get kicked out of book club.

So here’s a tip. Take more leisure time. Be a rebel. But say your “meditating” – this is the kind of shit monks and nuns have been pulling for centuries!


How to conduct yourself at social gatherings

veronica 2Veronica is my evil twin/alter ego and queen of Tarot. She has everything I don’t….copious cleavage, hordes of boy toys trailing after her and a hankering for day drinking. The only thing I have in common with her is we both write about Tarot for this blog!

eight of swords
Dame Darcy Tarot

Have you ever found yourself at a dinner party, seated next to someone who just won’t shut the fuck up?

You sit there all polite and quiet, listening to them drone on and on about their gluten sensitivity and talented grandchildren….

All the while resenting every minute and frantically looking for an escape. But they are not your jailer. Your misplaced sense of politeness is.

Then, after an evening of storing up all your anger, you get home to your loving spouse and viciously tear into him for leaving a dirty fork on the counter!

Here’s the thing – your politeness is like money, it isn’t limitless. So don’t go squandering all your nicey niceness on boring people who suck. Save it for those who matter.

Halloween Special!(1)

Tarot Reading for Nov 2 – 8

I did this Tarot reading on Halloween night….so there’s quite a bit of firework action in the background! I apologize for the really dim lighting – I normally do my reading videos in the day, but for some crazy reason I left it till the last minute!

For this reading, I am using the gorgeous Druidcraft Tarot….

Have a great week!

Halloween Special!(1)