knight of cups tarot card

Tarot Card for Friday ~ Knight of Cups

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin and she loves to give bad advice! She wrote this reading at midnight while sipping Bailey’s and watching some smutty late night foreign film. Enjoy…

knight of cups tarot
New Palladini Tarot

The Knight of Cups is at it again! Drinking on the job and raising his martini glass to toast his newest adventure. I like this guy!

But you know what I really like about him? He wears pink. Out of all the testosterone fueled Knights, this guy is blatantly androgynous – or dare I say feminine?

His colleagues (the other three knights) may wield phallic objects and look all serious, but he went “fuck this. I’m going to have a drink and wear a pink feather in my helmet. And I don’t give two shits where I end up as long as its interesting and fun.”

Today, be like the Knight of Cups! Contrary to what Kate said on Monday and Tuesday, don’t make a plan! Get distracted! Go wherever the wind takes you and raise a glass to all wandering spirits. Enjoy the journey!

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Knight of Cups: Bust out Your Paintbrush and Pack Your Bags! (Friday)

knight of cups tarot card
Robin Wood Tarot

Its time to get artsy fartsy! The Knight of Cups is all about following your heart and honoring your inner creative.

Get your feet wet and do something arty – go to a dance class, make a collage out of magazine clippings or, if your really crazy, paint a mural on your bedroom wall. Don’t be afraid of making a mess today.

In romance, this Knight of Cups encourages you to wear your heart on your sleeve and just go for it. You may regret it later, but not as much as you will regret holding yourself back.

If you have the opportunity to travel or go on some kind of adventure this weekend, do it! It will help you charge full steam ahead toward a life that enchants and thrills you.


Knight of Cups Wedesday: Be a Dreamy Romantic Today

knight of cups tarot card
Crystal Visions Tarot

The Knight of Cups gallops into the scene, like a knight in shining armor. Although he actually is a knight in shining armor…and he’s even carrying a bouquet of flowers and a goblet of wine (or something).

This guy is a diehard romantic and he is here to remind you not to let this part of yourself fade away. Don’t stop following your heart and living life like its an adventure. Some may say your airy-fairy, but who cares?

When deciding where to go or what to do today, listen to your gut feelings and your heart’s desires. Today is the day to let your chattering mind take a backseat and go on pure intuition. Life is way more fun that way!

If you could be this romantic, unicorn riding knight just for today, what would you do differently? Let me know in the comments below…