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Tarot Card for Friday ~ Knight of Cups

Veronica is my evil twin and she loves to give bad advice! She wrote this reading at midnight while sipping Bailey’s and watching some smutty late night foreign film. Enjoy… The Knight of Cups is at it again! Drinking on … Continue reading

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Knight of Cups: Bust out Your Paintbrush and Pack Your Bags! (Friday)

Its time to get artsy fartsy! The Knight of Cups is all about following your heart and honoring your inner creative. Get your feet wet and do something arty – go to a dance class, make a collage out of … Continue reading

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Knight of Cups Wedesday: Be a Dreamy Romantic Today

The Knight of Cups gallops into the scene, like a knight in shining armor. Although he actually is a knight in shining armor…and he’s even carrying a bouquet of flowers and a goblet of wine (or something). This guy is … Continue reading

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