Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

The Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue is a 44 card oracle deck that features an “ascended master” on each card. It comes with a mini booklet containing the card meanings and some additional information about doing oracle card readings. Like all of Doreen Virtue’s oracle card decks, this deck is 100% positive and uplifting and easy to use, regardless of your experience level. Unlike her other decks, this one has a more masculine vibe as it features plenty of men.



  • Cards have a spiritual, high-vibrational energy to them
  • Messages from these cards are clear and easy to grasp
  • Most cards are very attractive


  • Some of the men in this deck are creepy looking


Saint-Germain working his magic

When I first looked through my Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, the first thing I noticed was the abundance of creepy looking guys! They are everywhere! With their glassy gazes and weird little mustaches, many of these “saints” look like someone I would expect to see quietly lurking on my jogging trail or exposing themselves in a public park. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but that’s what comes to mind when I see these cards.

The majority of the cards are actually quite gorgeous – stunningly so. Which makes up for the unsettling presence of the sleazy looking religious dudes. Some of my favorite oracle cards are in this deck. Not all of the male cards are awful – some are lovely and there are plenty of female ascended masters in this deck as well.

I have several of Doreen Virtue’s oracle card decks (I am a big fan of them!) and most of them have a soft, feminine energy to them with an abundance of goddesses and feminine angels. This deck is different in that respect and Doreen Virtue has said that her intention with this deck was to make it more masculine than her other decks. Personally, I don’t think it works well here.

Despite all of this, the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards have growncrystals ascended masters oracle on me. This deck certainly has its own energy and I get a feeling of spiritual connection and upliftment every time I work with this deck. The cards are super easy to read and doing readings with this deck is almost like having a conversation with a high level being from another dimension! I have found these cards to be quite specific and in most cases, very accurate.

I enjoy working with this deck, but it isn’t my favorite Doreen Virtue deck (The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Deck is!) I don’t feel like this is one of those decks you have to rush out and buy, unless the card images really speak to you.

Buy this deck if…

  • You are fascinated by the “Ascended Masters”
  • You are new to card reading (this deck is great for beginners)
  • The card images resonate with you
  • You enjoy positive, spiritually uplifting card decks

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9 thoughts on “Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue”

  1. I have had a couple readings and been told to get this deck to help me on my path. I saw eBay had them for $125 and then Amazon for some prices still in that high range. So I kept an eye out every time I went to a store or yard sale. I never asked the universe for them directly but I made it clear I was on the hunt. The other day I met a lovely woman who I resonated with very quickly. We shared a few words and I told her about my mission to obtain these cards. She offered to sell me an opened deck she had laying around in the stores storage area. Isn’t that how the universe works! So I bought them for $15.99. Everyday since then I have been doing a one card pull, I am new to this and not really sure what I’m doing. I pull my card in the morning or as early as I can. I read the message, I interpret my life currently to the card and then I think how I could use the advice. I then read about my deity and I carry them with me in my mind all day. Before bed I meditate to them and see what o formation they want to share with me while I’m awake or possibly in my dreams. I’d say it’s a miracle I found these, but I know that’s not what happened. I am also excited for the woman I met and can’t wait to go back, her store is only 20 minutes away, whenever I’m near a medium Or a person sensitive to energy I get goosebumps and I feel comfortable, I feel that with her and the man who originally told me about the cards. Of course I can’t find his number to tell him I have the cards, but I’m sure I’ll see him again!

  2. Could you give me an extended interpretation of the card Moses?I have used a lot of tarot decks and I can usually understand the interpretation, but a good friend gave me this stuff and I’m just having a difficult time understanding what the card Moses is about. Take charge of this situation seems straightforward, but the discussion of the card really doesn’t explain that very well. Can you add anything for me as it is an important question that I have asked. I didn’t want to reveal the question. I appreciate your help.

    1. Hi, Robin
      To me it is all about having clear intentions, and clear boundaries. The universe doesn’t know what you’re asking for if your request doesn’t have clarity. Be specific about what you want and what you don’t want, and move toward your goal.

  3. hi, I just got this deck and I really love it. I don’t find the male cards creepy at all. I guess you could say I am an eye person (the eyes are the window to the soul).

    I do have a question though. When the cards are reversed , what is there meaning? I have tried to find the answer to this question. Maybe it doesn’t matter that they are reversed.
    If you could let me know I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I usually never read reversals when I’m using oracle cards – and I’m pretty sure these cards don’t have reversed meanings (at least there aren’t any in the companion booklet). So if I were you I’d just flip them right side up if they end up reversed.

  4. I love this deck! I guess I’m just someone with a bit more masculine energy, so it resonates with me. But I have one complaint: the cards are too wide! I find it so hard to do the Hindu shuffle with them, and I don’t want to stack them because it’d wear them out.

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for the review. I have wanted to buy the Ascended Masters deck for a year but I tend to think 100 times before buying. What draws me back is not the “creepiness” (lol) of the Ascended Masters (big fan) but the messages on the cards. Such as “Work your Magic”. How am I going to be uplifted by that? Actually I’ve never used an oracle deck before but I guess you just pick one card and it supposedly offers you an advice or an insight for that moment/day? As decks tend to be more expensive than books, I am really slow in deciding but really want to buy this deck as well. Could you please share some reading experiences you had with this deck? Anything unusual, memorable, uplifting, weird?

    1. Aina, if you like the images that you saw in the video I think you will like this deck. I have been using this deck for a couple of years now and I find that the cards I draw often make total sense to me and they really do make me feel like my guides are with me. I seem to have a couple of cards that keep showing up all the time. This deck is definitely uplifting and its the deck I go to when I want to feel spiritually connected. Hope that helps 🙂

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