Tarot Card for Friday: How The Tower Can Spice Up Your Life

the tower
Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Happy Friday…it’s The Tower!…dun dun dun

I’m not a pervert, but The Tower is strikingly similar to the Ace of Wands from yesterday, if you know what I mean 😉

What I mean is that is very phallic (penis-like) and this is pretty significant in my opinion.

Are you sufficiently “turned on” by life? Does your life excite you and light you up?

Or do you find yourself drudging through the day, just waiting until The Bachelor or Keeping up with the Kardashians comes on at 7pm?

If you aren’t exploding with creativity and lust for life, somethings wrong.

And when this happens, you will subconsciously create situations in your life that will shake you awake and force you to live differently.

Today could be one of those days where you suddenly wake up and think “what the f*&k am I doing with my life?!”

This is a good thing! Questions like this lead to miracles.

If you feel like talking about yourself today (and who doesn’t?), tell me in the comments below: when was the last time you felt truly excited by life?


Today’s reading was a guest post by Veronica Noir, who is a lover of Tarot, writer of erotic fiction and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin.

11 thoughts on “Tarot Card for Friday: How The Tower Can Spice Up Your Life”

  1. I am ready for change. Don’t want to stay in the old pattern of behaviour where I am doing things for everyone else. If I want people to value what I do I have to start valuing myself. I am glad for the Tower card as I want thus pattern to change and to crumble from its own useless weight in the world. I want to rebuild something new an more prosperous!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL WITH YOUR NEW INTENTIONS FOR THIS YEAR!

  2. OMG!

    LATE last night, 3 a.m., EDT, so not long, probably, before you posted this, Veronica, I did my “daily” draw and pulled The Tower as the last in a three-card spread. It appeared next to the Six of Cups, so I was thinking, “Blast from the past” or that “something would blow the lid off of something from the past.”

    I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks for the Towering affirmation!

  3. Seems like forever been trying to get a job for well over 2 years and the lifeblood has been sucked out of me. I just want to hide under a rock and stay there!

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I also have been looking for a new job and even though I have excellent qualifications I still have not received even a call for a interview. It is very disheartening. BUT, we cannot give up, for by giving up we give up on ourselves!!!! NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!! Stay Strong 🙂

  4. Denise Suttie

    Hello evil twin, this kind of change excites me!
    Great that you can stand in for Kate and good to get someone else’s take on the cards.
    Thank you


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