Tarot Card Reading for May 13 – 19

Here is my weekly Tarot forecast for the upcoming week. The creepy thing about this reading is that my weekly reading two weeks ago had the same two cards (Empress and High Priestess) in the same positions! In the comments below, let me know what you think this means…

Have a lovely week! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tarot Card Reading for May 13 – 19”

  1. Kate, wonderful reading. Thanks for sharing. Love your outlook and it definitely feels like a place I’m headed with my own projects.

  2. After writing the note, above, I decided this was so appropriate for the situation/project I’m dealing with that I just used this as my own daily draw, reading it for myself before listening to your take on it. Then I went back to the earlier draw you referenced here, and realized I had done the same thing with THAT draw.

    So, no matter what else these two draws are up to in your greater community, they are talking RIGHT TO ME in the most amazing ways.

    Also, Kate, did you realize that the middle card in both the readings is a Pentacle?


    1. And thank heavens The Devil didn’t make another appearance, warning me off of buying this deck! The Dream Enchantress is on the way, and I’m looking forward to getting to know it.

      V., would you tell Kate, when she returns, that I appreciate her using some decks, here, that add beauty, depth, and kindness to my tarot practice. I’m still loving the kind spirit of the Crystal Visions, which purchase was inspired by her.


  3. What’s really cool for me–even before listening to your take on these cards–is that the Three of Pents and Three of Cups keep coming up over and over for me, as do draws with three women in them, as this one is.

    These draws are talking very directly to me about a project I’m working on with two other women–and here is another one.

    And, now that I look at these cards again, I see an almost uncanny resemblance to the draw I did late last night: Emperor, Three of Cups, Hermit (and why this is close, is that I drew from the lovely Crystal Visions Tarot that you turned me on to, in which, The Hermit is a woman, turned in the same direction as your High Priestess).

    Fabulous affirmation and support for me!
    Thanks to Kate AND Veronica!

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