Tarot Card for Monday ~ From Responsible to Debaucherous!

Wildwood Tarot

Do you feel like your dragging yourself uphill with a pile of junk on your back?

The Ten of Bows (aka Ten of Wands) only appears when you have an unhealthy case of “responsibility”.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to take care of everyone and do everything yourself. You just don’t. So stop it!

Life is not supposed to be hard work all the time. F**k that sh*t!

The glowing fire at the top of the hill suggests that there will be rewards from all your efforts and drudgery.

But you know what?

There’s an easier way to get there – you don’t need to take the path of blood, sweat and tears.

And if there isn’t an easier way, there is a more enjoyable way.

For example, if the dude in this card had a flask of green apple schnapps with him, he could stop and rest every five minutes, making the journey a little cheerier – slower, but cheerier.

So what can you do today to turn your “responsible” drudgery into a debaucherous party?


Today’s reading is a guest post by Veronica Noir, lover of Tarot, writer of erotic fiction and The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin.


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6 thoughts on “Tarot Card for Monday ~ From Responsible to Debaucherous!”

  1. I know that a latte is not green apple schnapps, but …

    When I have a big editing project that’s starting to feel like a too-heavy bundle of kindling, before I toss the whole thing in the fire (which means I won’t get paid!), I’ll get myself a yummy, creamy latte from the Starbucks around the corner. Not only does the caffeine give me a shot in the arm, but the whole (expensive) process makes me feel pampered.

    Thanks, V.
    If you were here, I’d grab you a latte, too.

  2. There is also “responsible debauchery…” That’s why it doesn’t hurt to have a little scotch at the office. hehe

    All work and no play….

  3. So, Veronica, what is the link for your blog? I clicked on the green subscribe box and nothing happened! BTW….I love your interpretation of today’s card and will heed the message sans the green apple schapps…I’ll have a little bourbon!

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