The Hierophant ~ Ignore the Control Freaks! (Friday)

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir, the The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin, is a Tarot reader extraordinaire who gets her thrills by spying on neighbors with binoculars, doing nude yoga in her backyard and eating coconut ice cream straight out of the carton. Here’s her take on The Hierophant…

The Housewives Tarot

It’s Friday! Time to ignore the presumptuous dictators in your life.

Is there some douche-bag in your life who likes to tell you what to do all the time? Like a neighbor that tells you to stop doing nude yoga on your deck because he finds if “offensive”….pfffft!

Tune them out and get on with your fabulous life.

The Hierophant does not refer only to annoying people, but also to various forms of mind control, like the media which is constantly pumping out a barrage of depressing ideas and useless information. Your mind absorbs this junk like a sponge. Even if you are a smarty pants.

Try unplugging your TV and ignoring your newspapers for a couple of weeks and see how happy it makes you feel. Trust me, this works better than a Prozac-Cocaine cocktail and there are no side effects, unless you count unexplained bliss and non-existent anxiety.

If you get bored, just spy on your neighbors with binoculars instead of watching TV in the evenings.

10 thoughts on “The Hierophant ~ Ignore the Control Freaks! (Friday)”

  1. Wow! You guys are SO my tribe! I got rid of my TV about ten years ago. I figure if I need to know something–REALLY need to know it–someone will tell me.

    I love Veronica’s brilliant take on the image on this card. I’ve had it come up in readings and didn’t have any really useful way to integrate the TV-image. Smart, smart, smart–and I bet really good at that nude-yoga thing.

    (Wouldn’t be funny if one of Veronica’s bitchy neighbors read this and decided to get their own binoculars to get a better view of V’s Upward Facing Dog? Very Tarot of the Dream Enchantress . . .)


    1. Upward facing dog? More like downward facing pussy. If my neighbor got binoculars he would have a heart attack.

  2. Yay Veronica! The “energy” received as one watches the news is always discounted “as just watching.” Nah! It has an impact!

  3. I join Romy: I quit watching TV about 7 years ago, don’t read newspapers at all (I get only the necessary information from Internet from reliable sources).
    I couldn’t agree more with you Veronica on the issue of the medias…! I love the idea of nude yoga, too! Anyway, this is a message I will keep in my mind for very long time! You’re a real soul-mate, Veronica-just as Kate is! Cheers! 🙂

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