Angel Card Reading for Upcoming Week

Have a wonderful week 🙂

5 thoughts on “Angel Card Reading for Upcoming Week”

  1. Kate–

    What a lovely reading. I’m going to definitely follow that advice.

    But I wanted to ask you something, as well. Once you had all three cards turned over, I noticed that ALL of the figures in the cards are turned away from the viewer.

    Do you have any thoughts on what that might signify?


    1. I noticed that too! I didn’t mention it because in this deck, quite a few of the cards are like this. Normally, if this wasn’t the case, I might say it signified a refusal to face something head-on or look at something directly. What would you say it means?

      1. Well, with you telling me that that posture/orientation is typical of the figures in this deck, I’d say that maybe the deck as a whole is pointing querents toward a more inward assimilation of its messages.

        What do YOU think of what I think?


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