Seven of Wands ~ The Struggle is Only in Your Mind!

Someone in your life is feeling very defensive right now…and perhaps it could be you!

The Seven of Wands Tarot card suggests you are feeling like you have to fight to stay on top of things. You may even think that others are out to get you and that you have to be extra vigilant.

Think back to yesterday’s reading and remind yourself that there is enough to go around! Anxiety won’t help you solve your problems, as it will only produce more anxiety.

Take a breather! Your only enemy is yourself. Those who seem like they are trying to ruin your life are only there to help you get really good at trusting in life and remaining calm and peaceful in the face of total annoyance.

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7 Responses to Seven of Wands ~ The Struggle is Only in Your Mind!

  1. Aina says:

    Thanks for the reading! Great as always!

  2. Jamie Morris says:


    Thanks. You may have saved a life today. Well, you may have saved a collegial relationship. I got an email that had me ready to pull out my wand and start defending, but read your post and took some time to reconsider–not just the request, but the situation of the person making the request.

    Ah. Okay. Wand back in closet, reasonable, responsive reply tendered, all well in my world.

    Thanks. You’ve done your job in the universe today. Go. Take the rest of the day off!

  3. EG says:

    The man on the card is challanged, but still he looks self-confident and dominating. The message I get frim this card is that even if we have struggles in life, our own power helps us through… This time (and the first time by now), I feel quite the opposite…Anyway, more points of view, better! 🙂

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