Celebrate the Lighter Side of Life! ~ Three of Cups (Thursday)

three of cups tarot card
Anna K Tarot

The Three of Cups urges you to take a lighter approach today. Celebrate, enjoy the company of good friends and whatever you do....don’t take life too seriously!

If you are having a conflict with someone, look for your similarities rather than your differences.

And if you are feeling isolated or un-prosperous, reach out to those around you, share in the abundance that you do have and feel your spirits lift.

Today is the day you may find out you got the job, a family member is expecting or old friends are in town and want to get together. Whatever it is, have fun!

Note: I will be a guest on the Allie Theiss Show tonight at 5pm PT/8pm ET – chit chattin’ about Tarot! Tune in and listen! Check it out here.

8 thoughts on “Celebrate the Lighter Side of Life! ~ Three of Cups (Thursday)”

  1. Why oh WHY didn’t I read this YESTERDAY when it could have benefited me?!?! Oh, well, I guess it’s never too late to put this good advice into practice. But, having read today’s post, by the lascivious Veronica Noir, I must nap first. And have a cigarette.

    (Welcome back!)

    1. Thanks! Its good to be back. I don’t think it really matters when you read these – like you said, its never too late to put it into practice.

  2. When I see this card it always make me think about the good relationship between my daughters and myself 🙂

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