Oracle Card Reading for the Upcoming Week!

Just a quick note that I will be taking a break from the daily readings for the rest of December, but I will continue with the weekly videos and Veronica will keep up her Friday readings 🙂

Have a beautiful week!


4 thoughts on “Oracle Card Reading for the Upcoming Week!”

  1. I’m so glad you’ll continue with the weekly videos. They really enrich my life. I look forward to them and enjoy listening to them once or twice during the week!

    As for Veronica, well, can’t do without her. (But don’t tell her I said that. She’ll get a swollen head. Or a swollen something.)


    1. Thank you, Jamie 🙂 Well, I love doing my weekly videos, so I’m happy you enjoy them too! Don’t worry I won’t tell Veronica, she doesn’t need anymore ego boosts 😉

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