How would YOU interpret this reading?

Are you up for a Tarot challenge?


Okay, so let’s say your giving a reading to a close friend (lets call him Xavier, because that’s a pretty sexy name).

He moans “my life is not going anywhere. I have been stuck in the same crappy job for the past 6 years, living in my parents basement and have been single for 3 years. I can’t seem to meet the right person, no matter what I do. It feels like I am not progressing in life and I have no idea why or what I can do to change things. Help!”

You shuffle the deck and this is what comes up:


Now, how would YOU interpret these cards?

But here’s the “challenge”: How would you interpret these cards in a way that is uplifting and empowering, without being sugarcoated?

*Please note that I am not using any particular spread, so you can interpret these cards any way you like.

What advice would you give Xavier?

Feel free to share your interpretation in the comments below – I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

In one week, I will post my own interpretation here. But remember there are many, many ways to interpret this reading – there is no one “right” way. So put on your Tarot reading glasses and go to town!

45 thoughts on “How would YOU interpret this reading?”

  1. imho this is actually a straight forward read overall (it helps that this read is 3 of my favorite cards and I’ve often joked about this exact lineup appearing πŸ˜‰ )
    The Tower is a clear indication of chaotic feelings, wanting to escape a bad situation that is seemingly out of his control. While The Tower isn’t inherently bad, it does clearly show the inability to take control under the given circumstances – not unlike a reversed chariot – but in this case it’s also showing a massive desire for change.
    10 of Swords while normally the ‘bad card’ in the tarot in this case is actually a great card as it shows the worse is over. The death of the character on the card is a more figurative form, the death of the old self or old situations which caused the limitations. Also in the background there is a rising sun – a clear indication of new beginnings and rebirth.
    Finally the Death card, the all too often misunderstood fellow. In order for there to be a new beginning or transformation, the old self and old ways must be surrendered and put to death doubling the message from the 10 of Swords. Also we once again have a rising sun showing a new beginning. In addition, in the background there is a boat on the river. Boats are vehicles for transporting over massive distances and water is often an element associated with life and ‘going with the flow’. In the background on either side of the rising sun, are the towers depicted in The Moon card which in turn has meanings of introspective thoughts, spirituality, and the like. The Sun is by far one of the most positive cards in the tarot which is rising between those towers. To me this is a clear indicator that although there will be a time of great turbulence during the change itself, in the end things will emerge with a hugely beneficial outcome allowing you to completely transform your life as needed.
    My main advice based on this, would be to stay patient and keep working toward your goals and dreams. If you don’t have any at the moment, then take time to really look inside and see what sparks your joy for life and inner passion. Begin focusing on that since that will be the key to raising the sun allowing you to see what needs to be cleared away to transform your life so you can clear the chaotic feelings you have now.

  2. With the tower, things are about change. See this change as encouragement to spark the creative force (lightening) inside of yourself to move forward. Ask for a raise, or a move within your company. Be Bold shake your own foundations.
    With the ten of swords see the ending of the dead end in your life. Resolve that the negative is through.
    As Death rides into the future it is the death of negative thought patterns and self defeat. See what new chapter awaits, by referring back to the tower where things are shaken up.

  3. This is so much fun. I am putting my interpretation here, then I am going to read what others have shared! πŸ™‚

    Everything around you is crumbling apart (Tower). Yet you know that things have to come to a breaking point. You have given your “ALL” and yet still feel that everyone is walking all over you. You feel that everyone is against you, stabbing you in the back. Perhaps you have sacrificed so much, even to have it not appreciated. When all these negative influences go on for so long (perhaps years! For this Tower was not built in a day!) You release a huge sigh! The “shit hit the fan”… And triggered the Tower that has been built to fall. You feel it will be the DEATH of you. And actually, you are glad. You are very glad that the past is breaking up, and releasing the structures that held you in its prison. Now, finally when you are consciously aware of what needs to be let go in yourTower, then you will be riding the white horse. Riding the White horse symbolizes that you have been learning to trust your own intuition and Instincts. Not far away now, you will reach the new destination of the sunrise, beholding a new day, with no more burdens (tower) holding you back. No more people holding you back (X of Swords). You are finally free!!
    Plus. Look at the colour red. Tower: red is falling. X of Swords: red is laid down. And Death: Red is flowing free as a feather.

    1. Julia, I just read Kate’s interpretation and realized after participating in the challenge that I see the message the cards have for me and my life. Then I come and read your interpretation and you wrote so well an extension of her reading and what I am going through and what I need to hear. So interesting it was a fun exercise and now I see these are messages for me. I have been through alot and much unappreciated. My focus for 2014 is moving forward, no matter what anyone else is doing or no matter what is going on in my life, I am moving forward everyday in 2014. This year is the year of the horse so its perfect the death card has the horse on it trotting forward as the sun rises on his path. I am walking forward, hopefully trotting soon. Thank you for your help lighting my path.

  4. I’am still a begginer at reading tarot and I’ve never read for anyone but myself, but here’s how I read those three cards.
    The 10 of swords in the middle which is the most relevant position IMO, is telling me the core of the problem seems to be that the client Xavier is making himself a martyr, he’s seeing things and the world around him worse than it actually is. This card is about reaching the bottom, and I would say the message is to rember that when you bottom out, things will not get worse from here. Like it’s the darkest before dawn. I would tell him to have faith in the future (I see the sun rising as the future.
    The tower and the death card seem to be meaning kinda the same, exept for some differences. What i get from them is that Xavier needs to let some things go, release some feelings or attachment to old things (material or spiritual) and look forward to new things (the movement of the cards seem to be to fall, then to bottom out and then, to move forwards, as death is doing, leaving things dead before its tracks and looking into the new living and breathing things.)
    Also the tower is about revelation, so I would tell him he has to find something he really likes, a hobby, a sport, a carrer or even a relationship and actually do it instead of staying still in the bottom.

    How’s that for a reading? I would thank anyone who read this and I ask of you to please rate it and give me advice since I’m starting out. Also english is not my first language Xp.

  5. Hello Kate aka Veronica πŸ™‚

    Its a pretty interesting challenge or say TAROT TEST !!!
    Here goes my advice to Xavier..

    Hey Xavier !
    The tarot cards reveal a upheaval and transformation leading you towards a truly fulfilling lifestyle. People and things around you are going to reveal their true intent. It is a time when you should ask people for what you deserve..Its a face-off with reality giving you a ground to build new success story of yours.You should work on the relationships and your job profile and go for your gut feel..Do what you want to do really.You may ask for change in job profile , job promotions ,relationships and every thing in which u have invested ur tym and energy.

    Have confidence in yourself and goodness in you. The old stuff in your life requires change..ya its true its painful..but the left ones are really yours. The coming time is an evaluation Be Prepared..and you will see yourself more empower.


  6. I say the basement represent the unconscious and since its in his parents house, he is dealing with his unconscious patterns pertaining to his parents or his parents unconscious issues. Unconscious usually equals stuck or acting out or self sabotage. I say the 10 of swords represents this self sabotage. I say flanked by the tower and death card that his parents fears are activated when he tries to move forward so they are unconsciously holding him back so they dont wake up the fear that is holding them back. I say Xaviers parents dont like change and are happy to have him stay in their basement indefinitely as if he is still young and he still needs them. They dont want to see him grow up and have a relationship because then things would change in their world too. I think once the cork is pulled on these belief systems there will be brief chaos but his life will fall into an ordered flow quite quickly because these are his parent issues (mostly) and not his. So once the interference of his parents fear and stagnation and resistance is seen for what it is, then Xavier will find all aspects of his life moving forward quite easily. Either that or they really want him to move out LOL

  7. Hi i felt drawn to reply;-) I would like to interpret this spread for Xavier one of in numerology 4 Power/strength responsibility, structure, boundaries, a limited space, work, discipline, roll up ones sleeves. Since (Xa)vier is in Dutch four:-) as well. Likewise in my perception a confirmation and validation on the subject. I get to see hit rockbottom, a completion nonetheless which could also be perceived as a positive thing, from here the only way is up. Surrounded by two mayors of significance, and as a life assignment ; free fall use it wisely. Transformation, endings and new beginnings. Freedom, diversity, adventure, but also upheavel. which encourages creativity. Hope it makes sense:-)

  8. Hi Kate,
    Please please please can you do more of these Tarot Challenges? They are really great!
    Thanks πŸ˜€

  9. I just want to say I am really really enjoying reading everyone’s responses! Wow! You guys are brilliant!!! πŸ™‚
    I made myself wait until I had written my own interpretation before reading all the comments because I didn’t want it to effect how I saw the cards. I think I am going to have to make these Tarot challenges a regular thing!

  10. In order for you to change your path you have to get out of the basement!!! The Tower represents falling fast and away from a situation that does not serve you. You will not attract love or any one that truly appreciates you living in your parents basement. A basement can represent darkness and in turn keeps you thinking that your life is a dead end road. Dark thoughts don’t serve anyone it is totally destructive and will only bring you down deeper. Once you get out of the bottom of your parents house you will be able to think clearer about where you want to be in your life. Doing one or two things every day to find a new living situation will help. There are ways to help yourself transform to the person that you see your self as being. Transformation will be the only way to get out of the situation that you find your self trapped in. Start looking around and being aware of where you might want to live. Talk to people at work that are single and ask how they do it. Getting out of the comfort zone is a hard task for most people. Be thankful for the job that you have a lot of people are out of work. Living in a basement is your biggest problem.Once you change the way you think about things, the things you think about change.

  11. I’m VERY new to this and I’m surprised that my interpretation was on point with a lot of other readers. *clapping hands* *YAY* I have a limited understanding of the cards therefore I’m trying to do this intuitively [after having taken your webinar last night! πŸ™‚ ] The message I received was that he needs to shift his perspective. He’s presently thinking like a victim. Once he makes that shift, this will cause an inner transformation and he will notice a marked improvement in all aspects of his life…
    Thank you for all your help in advancing my studies! I truly appreciate all that you offer us on your website and it all comes from your heart! You’re an amazing woman! Brava!

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I’m glad you liked the webinar!
      Nice interpretation too. Your well on your way to being an awesome tarot reader!

  12. well xavier whatever is going in ur life thats for sure its going to end now.opening positive gates for simple as that. don’t worry think positive because thoughts play important role in our circumstances. thats it.

  13. His job came in as a transformation in his life with lots of possibilities. But it’s taking it’s toll on him and not currently working, along with his lifestyle. Something big is going to happen to rock his world and shake things up. He needs to be ready so he can use this to his best advantage and catapult himself to his dream life (or closer to it).

  14. Thanks for the tarot challenge, this is such a great opportunity.

    And here is to our Xavier:
    “The cards are indicating the big shift or change coming to you. You say you have been in a situation which you felt very hard and suffering. Well, it seems your long dark night is finally coming to the end! The morning light will start brightening the world. You will be supported to move forward into your new world! And remember, right now when it seems the darkest before the dawn, this is the best time for you to shed any unnecessary or unwanted ideas, habits, and energies behind. If there is any negative feelings from the past, heavy burdens you don’t need anymore, leave them. You can chose to pull out all unnecessary matters out of you, and by doing so you will be a whole new person, ready to take steps into your world next level.”

  15. Thank you for this! I love it the chance to practice and to see what others have said. So, on to Xavier.

    It looks to me like you’ve been in a holding pattern. Sometimes things go dormant for a while before significant change. It’s like letting a field go fallow for a season before planting a new crop, letting it revitalize. The cards say this fallow period is coming to a close. There will be some significant change, which always sounds scary, but could be exactly what’s called for here. The Tower points to a fundamental change, a big shift is going to happen. The tower of the castle has been struck by lightning and its residents are falling. It can happen like that, in a flash. The ten of swords points to an ending. Perhaps the job will end, or your parents may decide to move to Costa Rica and basement living will no longer be an option. Whatever it is, the good news is that status quo is not going to be the situation going forward. But, the death card is also a sign of rebirth and transformation. This will be your opportunity to craft the life you really want. So, a good plan might be to get straight on your intentions and goals for your life and start getting a plan in place for getting those into action. Life is going to be a whole lot more exciting. πŸ™‚

  16. Thanks Kate, what a great opportunity to practice. It is also offers an opportunity to see others interpretations, which in turn allows me to think about things differently.

    Now for my reading for Xavier:

    Hi Xavier, welcome. Let’s see what we can uncover today that might help you.

    The 10 of swords certainly explains the stuck feeling you are describing. I sense that although you do not feel that your life is progressing, that there been a level of comfort in and complacency your life, but now that is changing as you want more out of life.. The 10 of swords represents something ending, but the good news is that with each ending there doors open to new possibilities and a new beginning. What are you going to do to better your life? You have said that you would like to find a better job, to move out of parent’s house, and to find love in a relationship. One thing is for sure that probably won’t happen unless you make some changes, start with defining your goals and changing your thoughts. What is holding you back? Now is the time for some soul searching, a little acupuncture for the soul one might say.

    The death card may look scary as does not the tower, but they are not, they both offer opportunities for growth and change. In fact, the Death card is about transformation. It is time to release all that holds you back, including limiting beliefs and negativity, and to transform you life into what you want to be. It starts with you. The definition of insanity is doing the same things that are not working over and over again and expecting different results? What do you really desire, and what changes are you willing to make to get it? Let’s look at your job. What kind of job do you really want? Do you have the necessary skills and training? If not, what can you do about that? If you do have the training and skills, when was the last time you updated your resume or actively went job hunting. Maybe you might hire a head hunter or a job coach to help you with interviews and such.

    Sometimes when we feel stuck, it is because we do not truly know what we want or we are too afraid to reach for it or move in a different direction. Would you say there is a level of comfort with living with parents, for example? Maybe you have some fears about moving out on your own, perhaps not being able to pay the rent? The tower card is definitely showing that you need to break down self limiting beliefs and false premises, and this in turn will help you build a more solid foundation for your life. It is time to shake things up a bit!

    Interesting, if you add all the numbers up for these cards, and reduce it to single digit, it comes to the number 2. The number 2 is about choices and decisions, and it seems it is time to choose and decide because if you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change. The overall theme of this reading is that decisions and change are necessary in order to transform your life.

    What will help? Shaking up things a bit in your life, breaking down false premises and limiting beliefs. What will hinder you? Doing nothing to change your life and continuing to sink into a helpless, stuck feeling. Start by changing your thoughts. Instead of I have to go to my crappy job today instead think what adventure am I going to have at work today? Do some spiritual work and figure out what you want (and not in vague terms), then figure out a plan to capitalize on new opportunities that are presented to you that will benefit you in your new plan. Advice: Lastly be open to change and be willing to release what no longer serves you. Be willing to change. But I see part of the problem as not really have definite goals to shoot for so narrow it down, and if you don’t have a plan, you make get there. Think of this way, you are handed a football in a game, but you don’t know where the goal posts are to make the touchdown. You keep running wearing yourself, expending your energy but not making a touchdown, maybe you find the goal post purely by accident, but it turns out you make the points for the other team. You have got to know where your goal posts are located so you can score the touchdown.

    I am going to suggest you try an Anthony Robbins program, check your local library for a copy as it will help you define your goals and ways to make the changes to a better life. It will help you to break some of your old patterns and think outside the box to bring new opportunities into your life. It may not be easy and it will be a lot of work, but the rewards will be worth it.

    Lastly as general advice, nothing helps you transform your outlook quicker than gratitude. Concentrate on what is right with your life versus what is wrong with it, and be grateful for these things like a job and a place to live. Sure that does not mean you can’t want more or make changes, but be grateful for what you have and the blessings that are on their way to you as well. This will help you look at things differently, and perhaps even make you feel more empowered to make more changes so you will have even more to be grateful for in your life.

    1. I did not read anyone’s until after I did the exercises. It is interesting that some saw some of the same aspects that I did, while others saw completely different perspectives. I am always amazed that people can look at the same card or cards and come up with different interpretations. It’s fun!

    2. Teresa, I loved your interpretation. I just finished writing my own for next weeks blog post and its quite similar to yours in many ways – great minds think alike, tee hee hee! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  17. Xavier, mate, you got to take that “leap of Faith” bro, regardless of what “others may say behind your back”. After all, in order to move forward, you need to position yourself into a new situation so you can “allow for the things that no longer serve you, to part ways from you”. Change is Here πŸ™‚

    Hey thanks for this Tarot Girl. I’m new here (obviously) so I don’t have a clue what any of the cards mean at the moment. Just having a light hearted go πŸ˜‰ I have also come across your Tarot Webinar so will dive into watching that next week and start my learning of these cards. All the best to you and thanks again. Cheers ~ from Kelly (Australia)

    1. Kelly, that’s a bang on interpretation – I don’t believe that you are only a beginner πŸ˜‰ Welcome to my blog and I hope you find my webinar helpful!

  18. I feel Xavier is going to be shaken out of his negative thinking by events beyond his control. This will force him to reflect on his life so far and how he can overcome these events which are happening around him. He will feel as though he has been ‘stabbed in the back’ but his understanding of the situation will be awakened and will lead to a new beginning and new hope in his life. The cycle of his life so far has come to an end and he will need to get his act together to embrace this new start in his life – the dawn of a new era.

  19. Xavier, you are feeling low. Like your last friend has left and nothing you do is working. It is like being stabbed in the back every time you turn around. I pulled the Tower card for, this is telling me that you are stuck in a rut and that you need shake things up a bit and make a DRASTIC change. You are stuck in the same patterns and doing this over and over again. You need to break out out of the norm. This is clearly stated in the Death card. Keep in mind the death card is about change as well.

    So looking over these cards, I believe you can make a difference in your life if you make some changes and get out of the rut you are in.

  20. The Tower — Fire element
    The 10 of Swords — Air element
    The Death — Water element
    The Earth element, which stands for stability, is missing. I think he needs to find stability with work, his mind, his whole life to make progress.
    The rest of the things my friends have already said. I am new to this so only this much.

    1. As I am coming along with learning all the meanings of Tarot cards within a reading, I like how you shared the elements of the cards!

      1. Thanks Nancy πŸ™‚
        This is the first post i ever did on any subject; and your’s is the first comment i ever got.. πŸ™‚

  21. This is a very good forum for the beginners like me. Who can practice alongside the more experienced tarot readers. I cannot take this as a challenge as I am very raw at reading & understanding the tarot cards.
    Thank you Kate for granting this opportunity.
    Although all the cards look to be very scary, but they all are full of opportunities. The Tower card, is a card of awakening which i think has dawned upon Xavier. As he is already started to get stifled in his job. Where he is stuck for a long time now. The lightening at the top of the tower, will move him out of his comfort zone, whereby he will have to restructure . It’s a card of liberation, so liberation from the current situation of abyss.
    The second card, 10 of swords, looks to be very painful, because of so many swords stuck at the back . The swords are the signs of air, meaning thoughts, the painful thoughts& communication which generally manifests into physical discomforts, as back pain. Staying in the basement for such a long time may lead to physical ailments sometimes, may be because of lack of sunlight . But the best part about this card is that it is the last card in the suit of swords, so the end of all the accumulated pain. Also , the sun is rising in the horizon, so another card with fresh opportunities.
    The last card in the spread is the Death card, which is a card of transformation . Which means the end of the present situation, then only something new can take its place. Death generally accompanies grief. So there will definitely be some kind of discomfort to move out of the present ; because the ego always fears its destruction. Since Xavier’s job is the issue here, may be the card denotes the end of his present job.
    Since the spread has Tower also as one of the cards. The combination could be an abrupt end of the present job, with the sword card put in, There are possibilities of verbal abuse or violence also taking place .
    So if we just step back & see the bigger picture. It is the time in Xavier’s life, where a lot of upheaval is happening because of the issues that are there as he is stuck with the same job & would like to move out of the place where he is presently staying to a more independent life. I would say. The cards couldn’t have been better, because all the cards are moving towards his wellness. He just have to be open to the situation and grab at the opportunities rather than wallowing in self pity, which at times is denoted by the 10 of swords

  22. Cool post! Gonna try to keep this short and sweet (somewhat, lol):

    The Tower- “I see you’ve been pent up, and very frustrated with how things have been going lately- which include in your relationships and …even sexually, perhaps? :). You have reached your limit, and are a ready for a drastic change.”

    Ten of Swords- “You’ve been thinking, ‘Ugh, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mmmeeeeeeeeeeee? Life sucks. -_-‘ Am I right? As you said, ‘I am not progressing in my life.’ This card is representing your current situation. You’re feeling stuck with nowhere to go.”

    Death- “Well my friend, there is hope. You see that shining sun in the background? That is within your grasp. You just got to get up on that horse and be a badass- yep, a badass!

    The Death figure on this card ain’t just sitting around dying off with the rest of those losers. He’s an almighty skeleton, riding forward in black-armored glory, blazing his flag and saying, ‘Yeah, I’m a badass.’ You’ve been stuck in the same job for six years? Then maybe consider applying for other jobs (if you haven’t already done so), applying for different kinds of jobs other than what you’ve been doing, or going back to school and training for a new career, or for further development in your current profession- especially taking online or distance-learning courses if you’re busy with your current schedule.

    Still living in your parent’s basement? There is nothing wrong with that. The point, though, is to GET OUT OF THE BASEMENT MORE! Maybe you are not in a position to buy a place of your own right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go somewhere and do things. Instead of lounging around with a giant bowel of cheese puffs by yourself, playing Magic the Gathering with a bunch of strangers online (or whatever it is you do on a quiet Saturday evening), and basking in the neon-orange glow of your Cheetos-crusted keyboard, you could try rounding up a group of friends together to play Magic in person, or visit your local card store and participate in tournaments or game nights. (And if you are getting out and doing things, kudos to you!).

    This sort of thing could also help you meet someone since you’d be interacting with people with shared interests and hobbies, and you’d have some common ground for forming new, meaningful relationships. Either way, you are meeting new people, and that means more chances of finding someone special. (And if push comes to shove…well, maybe save up for a weekend in Vegas, and hire a legal “friend” for the night πŸ˜‰ ). Also, consider really making the basement your own. It’s still YOUR space, so define it! Maybe it could become your ultimate bachelor pad, artist retreat, sports bar, or whatever- you just have to ‘own’ it!

    It’s worth mentioning that I feel particularly drawn to the pope-type person standing before Death. He’s holding out his hands in offering in this particular instance, with Death stopping to take notice of what this person has to say. I feel this could symbolize that there is, or is going to be, someone in your life who may present you with an opportunity or assistance of some kind, which could take you in the right direction. Be open to what others have to offer, accept help when needed, and explore the various opportunities around you. It may not feel like it right now, but they are out there.

    Whatever it is you decide to do, taking action, trying new things, and breaking out of the monotony of you’re own ‘woe-is-me’ is key. You are just like Death; you are a badass. You have it within you to achieve what you want out of life. Now, just get out there and do it! I wish you all the best on your journey, and the exciting road that awaits you. :)”

    ps- Just wanted to say thanks again for the mentoring session, Kate! I’m still working on building my site, and it’s totally not 100% going yet, but it is available for people to look at- (linked to it in my name). I should be on track to start blogging in the next few weeks, and hopefully will have it all up and running by June. You have been a big help for giving the direction and confidence to get started. You rock! πŸ™‚

    1. Chani, your interpretation made me laugh so hard! I love how you assume poor Xavier spends his nights eating cheetos and playing online games. And the advice to go to Vegas and get a hooker was … interesting! LOL.
      I just checked out your new site and wow, it looks so good! I can’t wait for you to start blogging – with the way you write about Tarot you’re going to have a huge following in no time!

  23. Oh I love this idea!

    So, the first thing that came into my mind was the fact that he is not asking for a “revelation” of how is “future” is going to unfold. He is asking the Tarot for advice, how to change this situation. He is asking for help!
    So I take this reading as an advice reading and it’s all about Transformation. The three cards bring this idea of transformation in my opinion.
    The Tower right away tells me that he is feeling stuck, with walls closing down on him and it’s important to start a revolution in his life, maybe change job, look for a fresh start (which goes with the Death card). Break these walls that are trapping him.
    The ten of swords tells me that he is the only one responsible and that change can only come from within, it takes a sword to kill, therefore, he needs to take responsibility and charge forward, put an end to his fears. He is scared to move forward, and all the negative thinking is stopping him. And once he’s done that, he’ll be able to experience the re-birth that the Death card brings. The sun is rising and opportunities will come with it. He needs to seek this light and he needs to be opened to see it.
    Taking a step back I see enlightenment. The lighting on the Tower, plus the sunrise on the following cards. To me, it represents that he knows the answers, he just needs to stop ignoring them and step into the light to make things advance.

    Even though the three cards may seem difficult cards, or negative cards, put together and given his situation, I find them very exciting! There are so many possibilities, and he controls them all! Embrace change and he’ll see his life taking a new exciting path!


    1. Your right, Bella, those 3 cards are really exciting! Love your interpretation – very empowering!

  24. Xavier things are going to change around here! You are going to move. This opportunity to move will be sudden and you will have to jump at the chance. You have been feeling “stuck” but it is only an illusion, you are keeping yourself stuck. Think of the things or feeling that are really causing you not to go forward and reverse it. Once you get out of your own way and that feeling of being a victim will end and new life will emerge with you being in charge of your life and destiny.

  25. If I were reading for Xavier, I might assign the cards different meanings than the standard Past, Present, Future spread:

    The Ten of Swords – an overarching view of Xavier’s situation. Maybe he feels “pinned” and unenergized – even lifeless – in his circumstances. It’s just been one thing after another for him! The swords could also represent self-inflicted negativity or fears about moving forward. Fortunately, this could be a perfect time for a personal renaissance or “rebirth”.

    The Tower – Xavier’s internal world; his thoughts, feelings, intuitions and impulses. Although he feels pinned and stagnant in reality, Xavier may be feeling emotionally tumultuous on the inside. Maybe he feels like his life is crumbling or “falling apart”. There could be a sense of helplessness or a loss of control as though he’s “free-falling”. Perhaps the energy from all of these powerful emotions could be harnessed for good to change the situation he’s in.

    Death – a course of action for Xavier’s external world. If he’s willing, this could be a great moment to shed negativity, accept the past and embrace all of that emotional tumult to forge ahead to a brighter future! Of course, it won’t be easy. But there’s no time like the present, and the universe seems to be offering Xavier an opportunity to change his life and start fresh.

    Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ This was a fun exercise!

  26. First off, I love this idea of a forum of interpretation, I feel like there isn’t a place to post a reading to get different interpretations online, and I find hearing people’s different ways of seeing readings one of the best ways to learn!

    I would say, he either NEEDS to make a big change, OR one is coming, and FAST, and nothing can stop it. (The Tower)
    The 10 of Swords tells me that it won’t be an easy change, but he is finally coming out the other side of a very difficult time, as 10’s mean completion.
    Only after he allows the change to be made, will he experience a rebirth, symbolized by Death, and move into a happier NEW time.

  27. Big changes are on the horizon, everything you are going through now will initially end. Your life will be shooken up, but in a positive way. The worst is perfect there will be new opportunities coming into your life. It may feel like that all you know will be in slight chaos… But hang on and go with the flow. This is a new time of awakening. Your going to begin again and so wonderfully… A new day is dawning.

  28. Obviously some pretty big events have shaken up his life for the tower to show up. Probably why he is living in his parents basement. He has pretty much given up on himself. (X of swords) the mans face is facing the rising sun…things are looking up? Maybe need to find an apartment. Women don’t want men living in basements! Haha. Death card showing up means an ending/new beginning. Hopefully a new job offer? I’m super new at this! Best I can do:)

    1. Oh and the high numbers of the cards(16, 10,13) make me think he is at the end of something.

  29. The Tower in your spread is always a threat, but life inevitably involves tragedy, and you must decide whether you will face it with grace.A conflict is coming to a head in your life.
    By withstanding the coming challenges, your future will be bright. Seein things as you want them to be in order to make them become that way. Knowing the worst is behind you can give strength.

    Take heed when this tarot card comes up, but don’t panic or get anxious. Consider your options and choices wisely and if you can avoid such chaos, great! If chaos is forced upon you, trust that however challenging it may be, you can find a way to move forward with your life.

    The X of Swords is a cause for fear in any who believe in the power of the cards, and you should prepare yourself for whatever it portends. It is one of many cards which can represent disaster, but, alone among them, it is a disaster which cannot be avoided. It foretells not only a complete failure but an unavoidable one. What is more, the failure will not be small or easily overcome. This is not a fortune to be changed or avoided, only endured: If you stay strong, new dreams can be built from the ashes.

    It is darkest before the dawn, and as gloomy as it looks, the sun will rise again. Something that is important to note, at least in the Rider-Waite symbology, is that the sun is indeed rising in the background despite the black clouds. Each new beginning must come from another beginning’s end, and with every defeat are sown the seeds of future victory.

    When the Death card appears, big changes are heading your way. A lot of people feel very scared when this card appears.But this card does not literally mean death. It means tranformation and change happening in your life.
    Rising the sun is a symbol of new beginings, setting indicates and ending or transition and mid-day indicates going full force in creative endeavors.

    Sun: So much is dependent upon the existence of the sun, its symbolic meanings are endless. Primarily, the sun is a symbol of expansion, growth, energy, and creativity. When the sun shines upon your consciousness in a reading, pay attention to its position in the sky (setting, mid-day, or rising) as its position is also symbolic. Rising the sun is a symbol of new beginings, setting indicates and ending or transition and mid-day indicates going full force in creative endeavors.

    When the Death card appears, big changes are heading your way. Usually this change refers to something in your lifestyle; an old attitude or perspective is no longer useful and you have to let go of it. While the Hanged Man was a card of voluntary sacrifice, the Death card is a forced sacrifice – but that does not mean that it is not for your own good. Sometimes you cannot see how your attitudes are hurting you, and when that is true, the Death card is your wake-up call. Death is not simply destruction; it is destruction followed by renewal. Even though one door may have closed, another is opening. Will you have the courage to step through?

  30. When he is able to let go of his self defeating thoughts about everything that has gone wrong he can start over and build a new life for himself

  31. In the past, he’s released some old issues that shook him a bit, but it allows him in the present to end one part of his journey so he can start the new one he’s been reaching for.

  32. The first thing that I think of is being stuck in a negative thought pattern where He holds himself hostage within himself. I also feel by the phrasing that this individual feels sorry for himself and sees himself as a victim, maybe the feelings of hopelessness takes over. There is also a fear of change and perhaps a need to control how things happen in his life that prevents him from allowing change to occur. The second thing is that in his case he has to hit rock bottom so that he is motivated to move forward. When he realizes that he is the driving force in his life then, he can accept the changes he need to make and initiate to make life moving in a positive direction. Why is he living in his parent’s basement? – Because he feels safe and secure there and there is no need for him to step up and take responsibility for himself and the choices he makes. He needs to step outside of his comfort zone and try new things, push himself to break the negative thoughts that block him from moving forward. And move out of the basement so that he can regain some level of confidence in himself and his ability to make life better, and feel that he CAN provide for himself. He needs to create a new foundation for himself where he thinks in a positive way about himself and his life. He needs to start taking responsibility for his own mind and actions. He needs to sever the bonds of the past so that he can build himself in the present! When he stands in his own strength and believes in himself life is going to change and be good for him!!Namaste Lady Lightning

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