May 2014

Channel your inner cock (I mean rooster!)

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin and a Tarot card reading dynamo! She spends her days reading paranormal romance novels, suntanning on her balcony and leering at young male construction workers that are building her neighbors deck. Yum! She is here to tell you what to do with your life – so lets see what she has to say…

Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke

Cock-a -doodle-do! says the Rooster, wake the f*ck up!

Rub the sleepiness out of your eyes and step onto the scene of your life with gusto and snap – it’s time to announce yourself!

You might be thinking “can’t I just phone this one in today and get back to my zombie shuffle?”

The answer is NO!

It’s time to be awake, present and loud. Maybe even obnoxious. Like morning wood.

Live life on purpose today.

Stride (instead of shuffle) down the street, wear bright clothing, don’t try to fit in and make sure you act a little, well…. cocky!

You’ve been passive and non-offensive way to long, silly pants. Who cares if you annoy others?Β  The roost is yours to rule this weekend πŸ˜‰

And I hope that wasn’t too much penis innuendo for you.

I want your opinion!

I am thinking of offering a beginner/intro Tarot class that would teach all the basics of Tarot and what you need to know to be an awesome Tarot reader.

This will be an online class with a live component.

I want it to appeal to Tarot beginners and Intermediate readers who want to learn or revisit the basics, get some practice and boost their confidence.

I would absolutely LOVE your input and ideas on this!

If this is something you might be interested in, please take a minute to do my survey (below) – I will be forever grateful πŸ™‚

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Thank you for taking the time to do my survey!

Hugs & kisses,
Kate (The Daily Tarot Girl)

Shield yourself from twits

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin. She is also many other things: nude yoga practitioner, Tarot reader, ninja-spy, painter, professional napper and erotic fiction writer. Today she gifts you with a reading from my Angel cards…

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s card is “Shielding” and it suggests that there is someone in your life who is really starting to piss you off.

Perhaps a co-worker who brags about never taking her breaks or a spouse who drapes his sweaty workout shirts on your furniture “to dry before putting them in the laundry hamper.”

Who ever it is, you have the overwhelming urge to erect a massive bubble around you, stick your fingers in your ears and go la la la la la la la!

Ignore those obnoxious twits in your life by finding your “happy place” – creating a bubble of denial where you can immerse yourself in fantasy and daydreaming to your hearts content.

This creates an invisible energy shield and those who seek to drain your energy will find you boring, repulsive and not worth their time. YES!

art of tarot banner

Negative Tarot Cards = Your Secret Desires: A Surprising New Way to Read Tarot!

This week, I am unveiling my brand new e-course The Art of Tarot: How to Read a Negative Card in a Positive Light.

Today I want to share my favorite part of this course with you – reading the negative cards as secret desires.

When a “negative” Tarot card (like the 3 of Swords or The Tower) appears in a reading, it can often represent a secret wish or unconscious desire. A desire so dark and so shocking, that our conscious selves just can’t handle it!

Let me show you what I mean:

Let’s say I’m giving myself a Tarot reading and I ask “how can I make my life more adventurous?”

And one of the cards that appears is the 8 of Swords.

eight of swords
Druidcraft Tarot

Ding, ding, ding! Secret desire alert!

Now, there are many different ways I could look at this card, but today I am choosing to see the negative cards as representing my secret desires.

So what dark, undisclosed desire could the 8 of swords represent? And how on earth does it relate to my question?

Here are some possibilities…

1) the desire to be “rescued”

2) the desire to be tied up and blindfolded (very literal!)

3) the desire to remain “in the dark” (blindfold) and powerless (and therefore not responsible for anything)

Out of all these possible “secret desires”, the desire to be rescued feels most likely.

My Interpretation: Perhaps I want my life to be more adventurous, but secretly, deep down, I really want someone to swoop in and rescue me from boredom, whisking me away to be entertained and enchanted. As long as I sit around waiting, my life will never truly be an adventure. I need to acknowledge this desire and then take matters into my own hands.

Now it’s your turn!

Just for fun, let’s pretend your deepest, undercover desire is…..


Universal Waite Tarot Deck

In the comments below, tell me what “secret desire” of yours this Tarot Card might represent. (Can’t wait to read this!!!)

Are you Judging Yourself?

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is an anarchist, International woman of mystery, banana bread lover, frantic scrawler of smut and just happens to be my evil twin/alter ego. Here is her take on the Judgement card…

Housewive’s Tarot

Have you been judging yourself lately?

Do you think you should be thinner, more motivated, more successful and more interesting than you actually are?

Maybe that’s not true. Maybe you should be exactly as you are.

Let me tell you a story.

I once had a job interview for a job I felt I was underqualified for (International Spy).

I had no experience whatsoever and to top if off I was late for the interview – my black Lamborghini broke down on the way there – and by the time I arrived I was panting and sweaty.

Turns out, the interviewer was kind of a perv and my heaving bosom and flushed skin turned him on. And the fact I had no qualifications only inflated his ego and made him feel superior to me. I got the job!

So let me say it again: you are perfect just the way you are. This weekend, release any self-judgements and just enjoy life!

My Interpretation of These 3 Craptastic Cards (Tarot Challenge)

Last week, I posed a “Tarot Challenge“, where I asked you to interpret this reading in a positive, empowering way.

First of all, I’ve been LOVING all the comments! I waited until I had written my own interpretation to read everyone’s responses, because I knew it would influence how I saw the cards.

And before I get into my own take on the cards, I just want to say…

Thank you!!!

Big hugs to everyone who participated in this “Tarot Challenge” – it was so much fun to read through your take on the cards. Honestly, I am blown away by the insights and wisdom in all the responses and I feel somewhat intimidated, but also very very lucky to have such brilliant Tarot readers reading my blog!

I think I may do a “Tarot Challenge” each month from now on, as I think its an awesome way to practice and learn πŸ™‚

As promised, here is my own interpretation of these cards:

Universal Waite Tarot

Just to refresh your memory, I am doing this reading for Xavier (a sexy, make believe person) and his issue is this: β€œmy life is not going anywhere. I have been stuck in the same crappy job for the past 6 years, living in my parents basement and have been single for 3 years. I can’t seem to meet the right person, no matter what I do. It feels like I am not progressing in life and I have no idea why or what I can do to change things. Help!”

I ended up reading these cards in a past/present/future framework because that is what seemed to work best for me.


The Ten of Swords

ten of swordsMy attention is immediately drawn to the center card and it kind of makes me chuckle that for someone who complains of being “stuck”, the guy in the Ten of Swords is quite literally stuck – with ten swords!

For the most part, I feel that the Ten of Swords is simply illustrating how you feel right now.

But number 10 cards often symbolize an ending of a phase and this shows that, although it may not feel like it now, things will be on the upswing sooner than you expect.

The Tower

the towerThe Tower has shown up in the past position, which suggests you had some kind of shock a few years back that has caused you to feel a bit fearful about taking risks and moving forward.

Perhaps this card refers to the end of a relationship, loss of a job or even some kind of upheaval within your family. But whatever it was it made you appreciate and yearn forΒ  safety and comfort.

This desire for comfort and safety has often kept you stuck and you may catch yourself thinking things like “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”

The sooner you can let go of that mindset, the quicker you will move forward with things and create change. Do you have a thirst for adventure? For taking the odd risk? For trying new things?

Try changing just one habit you have or doing just one new thing a week. For example, go indoor rock climbing or to see a movie by yourself – anything as long as its something different from your normal routine. This will help shake things up energetically and get things moving in a new direction.

I suspect there is something you have been wanting to do for a while now, but you keep hesitating and holding back. Now is the time to do that thing!

Also, using the affirmation “it is safe for me to create change in my life” will be very helpful to you as you move forward.

If you can, write those words down on an index card and tape it up somewhere you can see it everyday, like your bathroom mirror. Yes, I know that sounds really lame and self-helpy, but try it!


deathDeath shows up in the “future” position and thank God for that!

Death ultimately means change. The end of something which will always precedes a new beginning. Nothing is meant to last forever. And really, what a relief that is!

So big change is on the horizon for you, but in order for those changes to happen, you really need to let go of many things.

You will most likely need to release old thinking patterns, limiting self-beliefs, the fear of change (which we all have to some degree) and embrace a new way of thinking and being in the world.

This sounds like an enormous task, but don’t let it overwhelm you. What are a couple of things you could do this week that would help you get on the track to changing your thoughts and feelings?

[If Xavier can’t think of anything, then I might suggest a meditation technique, a book or journaling exercise. I find it’s more powerful if he comes up with something on his own, because often we know deep down what things we need to do in order to create change.]

The “Big Picture” view

When I look at all these cards together, I notice that movement is the theme that really stands out. Let me explain.

In The Tower, we have downward movement (the figures are falling) showing a feeling of loss of control. This lead you to feeling stuck, which is shown by the Ten of Swords where there is no movement happening at all. Then, with Death, forward motion is finally happening! And of course, the sun is rising in the distance. It is the dawn of a new day in your life and today is the turning point.

Xavier, what you do today will determine what happens tomorrow, so embrace your own power to create change in your life. Don’t wait around for something to happen. Get out there and do stuff!

A tip for interpreting “negative” Tarot cards

See if you can come up with at least one or two action steps – this adds that empowering element to a reading.

For example, in this reading I used the Death card to come up with some things Xavier could do (journalling, meditation or reading a book) that would help him change his mindset.

Your client (or you, if your reading for yourself) will come away from the reading feeling like they have something they can actually do about things, rather than feel helpless and powerless.

*If you enjoyed this topic, I will be unveiling my brand new e-course The Art of Tarot: How to Read a Negative Card in a Positive Light this month. It will be chalk-full of tips like this, as well as videos, audio lessons, fun worksheets and more!


Advice from The Magician!

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is my evil twin who is way more badass than myself. She is 10 x hotter, smarter and crazier than me and every Friday I let her do a one card reading on my blog. Her advice is always dreadful and sometimes even a bit rude. So without further ado…

the magician
Cosmic Tarot

Today’s Tarot card is The Magician and this magician in particular has a real panty-melting stare!

He seems to be encouraging you to put intensity into all that you do today. Don’t half-ass it, don’t be soft, don’t shuffle through it. Go full tilt!

The Magician is all about harnessing energy and then directing it to a specific goal.

If there’s something you want, you need to go after it like a sexual predator. No holds barred. Bystanders be damned!

One way to do this is to notice what your “energy drains” are. If your exhausted all the time, you sure as f*ck aren’t going to feel like goal setting.

For me, my energy drains are: boring people, grocery shopping, The John Tesh radio show and reality TV.

What are yours? Tell me all in the comments below!