Full moon dreams + hippie sex!

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is my evil twin. She loves mean cats, nice boys and devouring melting ice cream sandwiches. Billionaire heiress by day, scrawler of paranormal smut by night. And for some sick reason I let her mess up my blog on Fridays…


Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

Today we’ve got the Four of Swords!

I was about to rattle off some nonsense about meditation and going within until I noticed that the moon is shining a spotlight on this dreamer’s nether region…

It’s showtime!

Is the light of your unconsciousness casting an eerie glow on your sex life?

Are you having weird sex dreams?

If not…why not?

One of the greatest pleasures in life is having messed up dreams, so be sure you make an extra effort this weekend. Plus its a full moon! Eeeeeee!

Watch creepy sex movies like Eyes Wide Shut right before bed, eat cheese for a bedtime snack and put a drop of Patchouli on your pillow (its an aphrodisiac that might bring on a hippie dream)

It’s high time you had some free love!

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3 Responses to Full moon dreams + hippie sex!

  1. jamie morris says:

    Yes! I have this deck and ALWAYS LAUGH when I draw the Four of Swords. Root chakra/sacral chakra WAKE UP CALL!

  2. Ari Elle says:

    that is soooooooooo funny that you noticed the light just shining on his junk, it is funnier every time I look at it, I drew some saucy cards today, so I will take your advice.

    • Kate says:

      Yes, Veronica notices all the perverted little details – she’s like a perverted Dick Tracy! Hope you have a saucy weekend 🙂

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