Tarot Reading for July 28 – Aug 3

Have a good week 🙂

16 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for July 28 – Aug 3”

  1. Hi Kate,
    I really liked your interpretation of the 2 of w, I thought that the three cards together
    represented someone who was thinking about something that they had been tossing around in their mind for sometime. The sun represented to me the coming together of two different ideas, like a light globe moment – ‘aha’ – which leads to the three which is a card that speaks of communication and creativity – as if someone has been thinking about something of a creative nature and had an ‘aha’ moment, which is leading them to a conclusion. They still have their feet on the ground, which is a good thing, especially in a ‘aha’ moment, because they won’t get carried away. the three of pents for me is also a tradies card and could represent someone who is trying to branch out into a different line of work.

  2. In regards to the faces which look at each other, I thought of thought and action coming together seamlessly. It brings together the first and last card with few struggles.

  3. Kate!

    I noticed the orientation of the figures on the cards, too, before you mentioned that on the video. My thought about the figures facing each other in The Sun card is this: The guy on the right–who’s facing the same direction as the Two and Three–is the same guy. So, first, in the Two of Wands, he’s seeking direction. In The Sun, his seeking results in him coming face to face with an activity that represents some aspect of himself, and in the Three of Pentacles, he engages himself in that activity.

    Okay. Back to the cats.

    1. Thanks Jamie – this reading is crystal clear to me now, after reading everyone’s interpretation of it. Can’t wait to hear all about your new cats 🙂

  4. Hi Kate! This is the first time I’ve seen this deck – it’s so pretty 🙂 I poked around the internet about the sun card and there are very interesting interpretations. Some thought two lovers being in an optimistic “sunny” place. Others thought it represented the two sides of ourselves (male/female) and others thought it represented overcoming challenges in ourselves….there were others too. When I look at the background of the card – it seems hopeful but the the two figures seem contemplative – as if they are wondering what is next or where do we go from here. Maybe as if the sun is encouraging them to look at the bright side – find the joy.

    Always love your reading! Have a great week!

    1. Michele!

      I ended up with TWO editions of the Morgan Greer (AND two editions of the Anna.K Tarot) after seeing Kate feature them in various readings. She has the BEST DECKS! (And gives wonderful readings, of course, as well.)


      1. JME oh my goodness I have so many decks – it’s sort if an addiction I think 🙂 I purchased the Crystal Visions deck after Kate used it here! I have some favorites of my own – Lucy Cavendish Oracle tarot is beautiful and Fairy Tale Fortune Cards – I think by Liz Dean. I have around 30 decks I think plus two sets of runes and pendulums!

        I really enjoy this website and all it has to offer. I have both ebooks and participated in the mist recent webinar.

        What other decks do you have ?


        1. I feel the middle card is represent of the wholeness that you already suggested. The aspect of yin/yang, male/female. For me it feels like maturation of self and a coming together of the opposites into greater appreciation and realization of self as whole. That gives power and peace which creates and reflects the sun.

        2. Hi, Michele!

          Yup. I got the Crystal Visions after seeing Kate use that one, too! And I also have the Oracle Tarot, though I haven’t found myself using it much.

          I was just gifted with The Tarot of Jane Austen–and while the cards aren’t the prettiest, the book is terrific and the ideas conveyed by the author are really illuminating.

          Another old favorite is the Halloween Tarot. I love my Baba Studios Fairytale Tarot, too.

          So many decks, so little time!

          1. Jamie – which Halloween deck did you buy? I’ve seen a couple but can’t decide!

    2. Thank you Michele – love your take on the Sun card! Makes me look forward to Wednesday. Have a good week 🙂

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