3 of Cups: Finding Your Tribe of Wackos

fridays with veronicaVeronica is my evil twin and fellow Tarot reader. How evil is she? Well, she detests baby showers and thinks wearing panties is for wimps. And when she isn’t strutting about in slutty halloween costumes all year round, she can be found in her local metaphysical bookstore….reading books but never buying anything. Here is her take on the Three of Cups…

3 of cups hezicos

Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

Today’s Tarot card is the Three of Cups (from the Hezicos Tarot), which predicts that it won’t be long until you find your tribe of fellow wack-jobs!

For too long now you have felt like an outsider in your community – the crazy one, the one with odd hobbies and interests.

Not everyone is into meditating with crystals, energy healing and Shamanic journeying. In fact, hardly anyone is. Which has made you wonder….is it me? Am I the odd one?

Yes, you are! But guess what? That’s a good thing. All those normal people are crap…and they’re boring!

It’s high time you celebrated your unique nutsyness by starting a community of sorts. Put the call out – start a dream group, a healing circle or a Tarot study group – you will be shocked silly at the response you get!

Here’s a secret I found out recently….not everyone who seems “normal” actually is. Most of them are just pretending…just waiting for someone to come along and start an Astral Travel support group or something, so they can find their tribe.

So don’t be a lolagagging Lola….get out there and start recruiting some fringey friends!


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22 Responses to 3 of Cups: Finding Your Tribe of Wackos

  1. Amy B. says:

    Another epic post by Veronica! A month or two ago I set a new moon intention to find my tribe and people have been coming out of the wood work in full force! I think the best way to find your tribe is to live unapologetically and to be unashamed and unafraid to be your wacky self. It was funny that you wrote, “meditating with crystals, energy healing and Shamanic journeying” because you are describing my normal life lol. Hell, I even do my daily draw at my desk at work if I was running too late and couldn’t do it at home. Strangely enough, this post has really inspired me to get back into bellydancing again, something I haven’t done in a few years. If Veronica lived near me, I know we’d be great friends! But I consider her part of my online tribe 🙂

    • Kate says:

      All that stuff – journeying, crystals, Tarot – is normal life to me, too! I sometimes forget that most other people don’t get it. That’s great you feel inspired to start dancing again 🙂 Veronica would approve!

  2. Sarah Dawn says:

    The perfect card for today. I’m taking off on a road trip this afternoon to visit some of my fellow wing-nuts. We’ll have to find a pub and raise a glass just to embody the spirit of this card properly. 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend Kate.

  3. Carrie says:

    As usual, Veronica is spot on. I’m smack dab in the middle of heeding her advice. 😉

  4. As soon as I saw that card, I thought of sirens luring sailors with their song, HA! And this reading so true for me. It comes at a time when I’m still plugging away on my tarot blog, working on some content, but I’ve been taking a break because I’ve been dealing with things medically (and so has my mom actually. Eek!).

    This has me motivated to get back into my site and find my tribe! I also have been thinking about trying some free workshops at the library, like tai chi and belly dance, so maybe that’s also a chance to connect. At least it’s something to do, and you can’t knock free but quality entertainment! 🙂 (Although I’d be wary of anyone you meet behind a dumpster, half-drunk and offering to take you back to their place and strip for you. I’m certain Veronica has some story like that and how awesome it was, but it’s a sure way to loose a kidney in my book!) Have a great weekend!

    • Kate says:

      Chani, I just checked out your site – its looking great! I especially like how you say “follow me on Hell” by the social media buttons 😉
      That sucks your having health issues – try the bellydance at the library – I was super into bellydance for about 12 years and it is really really fun and good for your body. I am just getting back into it again.


      • Thanks, Kate!

        I used to take Belly dance classes, and have been looking to get back into it again too, so I think I will give that one a go for sure! Yeah, my mom and I both got hit with stuff at the same time, so it’s been frustrating! But I’m hanging in there. I’ve been working on an article about what it means to be a non-judgmental tarot reader in the meantime, so I should have that up soon. Will keep you posted! 🙂

  5. Antonio says:

    WOW! This has been my endeavor for a while now. Encouraging. Gathering. Strengthening bonds of the odd.

    Thank you for confirming the value of the work… As you often do so uniquely!

    Speaking of tribes… Have you ever thought of an eBook: “Veronica’s whacky insights on the Tarot: a collection of readings for fun and growth” I would buy it and give it as a gift.



  6. SueM says:

    So look at the card – grab a glass of your favourite wine, enjoy by the sea and chill out – and if
    you don’t live near the sea, put a bowl of salt water in the middle of the table and rejoice –
    then chill out. Whateever, if you get this card, it means enjoy yourself.

  7. EG says:

    I feel reassured, I can set my mind at rest. Thank you very much, Veronica! 🙂 <3

  8. Ellen says:

    And Yeah!! for the online communities! 🙂

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